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    Jin is a character from the manga/anime Yu Yu Hakusho. Jin is a demon that possess the power of wind. He is first seen fighting int the dark tournament with team Masho.

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     Jin the Wind master is one of the Shinobi Sect members who operate in Demon World. The Shinobi Sect operates in complete secrey and their arts are taught from master to apprentice. Shinobi are expected to uphold their masters traditions though the current Shinobi, including Jin, long for the freedom of the open air in Human World. Of the members of the Sect Jin is good friends with Toya the Ice Master. Jin is considered the most powerful member overall being an upper C Class Demon though he left the actual strategy to team leader Risho. Due to the teams desire for freedom they decided to break the Sects rules and enter the Dark Tournament. The prize being a wish from the winning team and the Shinobi's wanted Hanging Neck Island as a base of operations.

    The Dark Tournament

    Team Masho, as the Shinobi Sect is called, enters the Dark Tournament with hopes of winning Hanging Neck Island itself as a safe haven. After winning their first match Team Masho went up against Team Urameshi. Jin took point with Yusuke to determine the rules of the match, Jin suggested one on one fights till both teams were out of members. With that Jin then retreated to his own side and let his other teammates go first. Gama would lose to Kurama, and then Jin's friend Toya also lost to Kurama. After Bakken beatdown an unconscious Kurama causing Yusuke to kill him with some bone shattering punches, it was Jin's turn to fight. While Yusuke figured he needed his anger at Bakken as a motivation to beat down Jin, Jin joked around and got Yusuke in a good mood wanting a fare fight. Jin explained his mastery of Wind and the match was underway.. Jin immediately flew as high as he could to taken t]in the sights of the great open air.During the actual fight both Jin and Yusuke gave their all and at the end of the fight it was Yusuke's Spirit Wave vs Jin's Double Tornado Fist with the Spirit Wave sent Jin flying into the tournament stands. Jin then fainted losing the fight though he gained a friend in Yusuke. After his match Jin and Toya befriended Chu and Rinku from another Dark Tournament team that Team Urameshi defeated and gathered to watch Yusuke's fight with the Younger Toguro. Jin and the others aided the groups escape when the Dark Tournaments arena was set to self destruct by Sakyo.

    Three Kings Saga

    After the Dark Tournament Jin and his new friends remained together as a group. They were approcehed bu Kurama to go through training under Genkai so they could serve as a special strike force for the one of the Demons Worlds three kings, Yomi. Genkai's training pushed Jin and his friends to low S-Class power levels. When Kurama presneted the group to Yomi that allowed him to become Yomi's second in command. Once Raizen, one of the three kings, died and his descendent Yusuke inherited the the kingdom. Yusuke went to Yomi's kingdom to discuss what to do Jin and the group were placed behind a fake wall to ambush Yusuke if he tried anything. Once Yusuke proposed the Makai Tournament, Jin, Kurama, and the others burst from the wall and offer to participate in the tournament. Jin then went on to train. Once the day had finally arrived Jin was able to get past the preliminary round though he would lose his first one on one match against Sogetsu, an old sparing partner of Raizen. After that Jin was seen cheering during Yusuke's match against Yomi. Once Yusuke lost the match and was hospitalized for a couple of days, Jin and the others were their to tell Yusuke what happened at the end of the Demon World tournament. Jin then went on to start training for the next tournament. He was seen gathered three years later along with the others ready to fight.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jin is a master of the wind. He can use the wind to fly though an inherent weakness being a set speed at which he can move. Jin's trademarked move is his tornado fist where he can make a mini torando around his forearm that he uses to slam into the opponent. Jin is usually seen fighting close quarters atleast in his earlier appearences using his spped to dance around the opponent and flying away when it gets to dangerous. Jin can use a wall of wind as a defensive measure against projectile attacks. Later in his appearence Jin as learned atleast one long range attack allowing him to attack from a distance.
    Signature Moves
    Tornado Fist:
    Jin twirls his arm around and summons a tornado around his forearm. This move is more powerful than it looks since even a glancing blow will send his opponent flying.
    Double Tornado Fist: Jin twirls both arms and summons two tornadoes for twice the attack. 
    Tornado Raid: A video game exclusive attack where Jin shoots a miniature tornado as a projectile.
    Tornado Fist Explosion: Jin summons his Tornado Fist but channels his demon engery into the wind allowing him to shoot the tornado. Their seems to be an electric component to this attack due to the crackling energy inside the tornado.
    Wind Barrier: Jin summons a barrier of wind that can deflect projectiles attacks.

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