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    Jin Kazama is the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama and grandson of Heihachi Mishima. After he finds out about the Mishima's ways and the heavy burden he carries - that being the Devil Gene - he vows to end his bloodline and get rid of the Gene, no matter the cost.

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    Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama

    Jin Kazama was born the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. His father Kazuya had been killed by his own father Heihachi and then half the Devil Gene that had inhabited him made its way into Jin. Jin had lived a peaceful life with his mother Jun in the mountains of Yakushima and she taught him the Kazama-style fighting art. Jun sensed a great danger coming and she told Jin to seek his grandfather Heihachi if anything happened to her. Sure enough, the Aztec God of Fighting known as Ogre (which in fact was an ancient weapon left by aliens) had gone on an attack spree to challenge fighters all over the world. Jun was one of them and the creature attacked and killed her. The 15-year-old Jin took his mother's words and went over to seek his grandfather for training. Heihachi decided to accept the boy as his student because he needed him as bait for his own purpose of capturing Ogre for world domination. He also saw that Jin had the same devil gene as his father did and planned to eliminate him after using him. Jin trained hard and combined Mishima Style Karate with his mother's fighting technique. Along the way, he had traveled to Korea and took the Taekwondo street fighter Hwoarang to a draw. Four years later, on Jin's 19th birthday Heihachi announces the king of iron fist tournament 3 During the course of the tournament Ogre captures the assassin Nina Williams, and Jin rescues her. He fought his way through the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 and defeated his grandfather in the final stage. Earlier in the tournament, Paul Phoenix had defeated Ogre but then Ogre morphed into his true form and became True Ogre. True Ogre then attacked Jin, but Jin held firm and destroyed the monster. After Ogre's demise, Jin is suddenly ambushed by the Tekken Force. As Jin sees Heihachi and reaches out for help, his grandfather shoots him in the head. Realizing betrayal, Jin's Devil Gene develops and he flings Heihachi through a wall before flying away on black wings.

    King of Iron Fist 4

    Jin Kazama in Tekken 4
    Jin Kazama in Tekken 4

    Jin would later end up in Brisbane, Australia and meet a karate master there who would teach Jin the art of traditional karate. Jin, hating the fighting style of his ruthless kin, unlearned the Mishima Style Karate and favored a more traditional approach. Hearing of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Jin would enter to exterminate the Mishimas, his grandfather Heihachi and his father Kazuya. Jin would progress well in the tournament, before being ambushed by the Tekken Force and chained-up in the Hon-Maru temple. Kazuya, wanting to take the Devil Gene half in him, challenged Jin to a battle. Jin broke his bonds and attacked his father, defeating him. Heihachi, wanting both Devil Gene halves, challenged Jin to a rematch, which Jin won with much resolve. He then made ready to kill them both, Heihachi first. Jin then saw a vision of his late mother Jun and decides to spare the two before flying off with his sprouted black wings.

    King of Iron Fist 5

    Devil Jin
    Devil Jin

    Jin decided to return to Yakushima, but he involuntarily ravaged a forest, was bothered by recurring nightmares, and felt the Devil Gene within him getting stronger and stronger. He decided to begin a journey to stop the Devil Gene with the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 as his guide. Sometime during the tournament, he met his rival Hwoarang again and fought him. This time, Hwoarang won in terms of martial arts, but Jin transformed into his devil form and defeated his rival with his powers. Jin also came across Wang Jinrey and defeated him too. At last, he would progress to the final stage where the host, his great-grandfather Jinpachi Mishima, was waiting. Jin defeated and killed Jinpachi and usurped the Mishima Zaibatsu for himself.

    King of Iron Fist 6

    Jin Kazama in Tekken 6
    Jin Kazama in Tekken 6

    However, Jin had a new goal in mind. As head of the conglomerate, Jin now wanted world conquest. He then dispatched his Tekken Force throughout the world, plundered resources, and got rid of the military powers before declaring the Mishima Zaibatsu an independent nation. In doing so, he had killed Miguel Caballero Rojo's sister and incurred the bullfighter's wrath along with several others. His cousin Asuka wanted to stop his wars. The Hong Kong police detective Lei Wulong was to arrest him. Jin had driven the Rochefort oil company out of business and the head's daughter Lili wanted to reclaim what was lost. He had Kuma banished after starting his executive term. The most notable of those who hated him was his own father Kazuya Mishima. Kazuya also wanted world domination, but Jin was in his way, so this would be a battle between Jin's Mishima Zaibatsu and Kazuya's G Corporation. Kazuya becomes a heroic figure in the eyes of the public and he announces a bounty on Jin's head, in retaliation Jin declares the King of iron fist tournament 6. Numerous bounty hunters and mercenaries would be after him, including Kazuya's captain Bruce Irvin. Jin himself had hired Capoeira fighter Eddy Gordo and assassin Nina Williams as bodyguards. Meanwhile, Zafina an assassin from a secret society protecting an ancient evil discovers a prophecy that says the evil will rise when the two evil stars collide in a land in the far east. The two evil stars are Jin and Kazuya. So she joins the king of iron fist tournament to stop Jin. Heihachi also was against Jin because he wanted to reclaim the Zaibatsu.

    Meanwhile, a faction of the Tekken Force led by the young and charismatic commander Lars Alexandersson rebels against the Zaibatsu. Unbeknownst to anyone except Lars himself, he is actually the illegitimate son of Heihachi Mishima, thus half brother to Kazuya Mishima and half uncle to Jin Kazama. As Lars and his companion Alisa arrive at a temple in Egypt at the site of the ancient demon Azazel's imprisonment, Jin meets them there. Jin explains that his actual intent behind waging war on the world was to create enough negative energy on the world so that Azazel could materialize and he could kill the demon in a suicidal battle and also rid himself of the devil gene. As Lars tries to fight Azazel, Jin says that only someone with the devil gene could kill Azazel and he rushes the demon plunging both of them into the depths of the temple which is sealed by the sands soon after. After the credits, Jin's body is discovered at the temple site by the spy Raven and his crew. It is also noted that Jin's tattoo hasn't disappeared, which means that he hasn't got rid of the Devil Gene just yet.

    King of Iron Fist 7

    After the events of Tekken 6, Jin was put on a UN helicopter. However, during the flight, the Devil awakened and sent a beam that destroyed the chopper. Jin then wanders through the desert, being tracked down by soldiers, which triggers yet again his Devil Gene. Eventually, Jin arrives at the Souq, as well as soldiers who are about to get him. But Jin is able to get a fast glimpse of Lars Alexandersson, who is there to get him to safety, before passing out.

    Jin stays in comatose throughout the story mode, with Lars Alexandersson, Lee Chaolan, Alisa Bosconovitch, and their unit watching over him, as Lars believes he is the key to end the war. Jin is targeted by Nina Williams and the Tekken force, but their attempt to kidnap him becomes a dud.

    At the end of the story mode, Lars, Alisa, and Lee conclude that, with Heihachi dead for good and Kazuya's refusal to end the war, it's on Jin to defeat his father and end the war once and for all. Jin complies, as he comments on his cursed blood being the key to do so.


    • Devil Jin: after Devil Jin wanders through the desert, he arrives at Souq, making everybody flee the scene. However, Hwoarang arrives at the place in order to fight Devil Jin. In this version, Devil Jin defeats Hwoarang, who still gets on his feet to fight him again. However, a grenade comes out of nowhere, and Hwoarang takes Devil Jin out of the way, taking the grenade right on his eye and collapsing. After Devil Jin takes a quick sight at Hwoarang, he flies high and starts sending devil beams to the soldiers who dared to attack him.
    • Miguel: Jin is the rival of Miguel in his character episode. Miguel has been trying to track down Jin, due to him being responsible for his sister's death. He finds him and manages to beat him. As Miguel talks about the incident that claimed his sister, he doesn't hold back on Jin and gives him more punches. Jin asks Miguel to get on with it; Miguel says he'll comply, but noticing Jin's lifeless behavior, he says that he will wait for Jin to suffer enough; not until Jin's life gets a glimpse of hope, will he kill his sister's murderer-


    Tekken (2010)

    Jin Kazama (Jon Foo) in the Tekken movie
    Jin Kazama (Jon Foo) in the Tekken movie

    Jin Kazama has been portrayed by Jon Foo in the movie. Jin acts as the main protagonist. In the movie, Jin is a poor teenager living with his mother Jun Kazama in Anvil, the poorest part of the city. Jin earns money by street fighting and working as a contraband runner. After the murder of Jun by the Tekken corporation forces, Jin joins the King of Iron Fist tournament by defeating Marshall Law for the open call spot to kill Heihachi Mishima and exact revenge. Soon he is befriended by Steve Fox, who acts as his manager. During the course of the tournament, Jin befriends Raven and has a romantic relation with Christie Monteiro. Jin defeats Miguel Rojo, and Yoshimitsu to set up a final clash with the cyborg Bryan Fury. Jin manages to defeat Bryan after a gruelling duel, however, he is attacked by Kazuya Mishima, his biological father. Jin defeats Kazuya to become the King of Iron Fist.

    Tekken: Blood Vengeance

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    In the CGI animated film Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Jin Kazama's Japanese voice actor is Isshin Chiba and his English voice actor is Darren Daniels. In the film, which takes place between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, Jin is the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. He dispatches the android Alisa Bosconovitch to a private school in Kyoto to act as a spy and locate a student named Shin Kamiya, Jin's former classmate in Mishima High School and believed to carry the M gene. However, it turns out that Kazuya Mishima's G corporation has the same idea and has dispatched Ling Xiaoyu for the same purpose. However, Jin and Kazuya discover that all of this was an elaborate plot engineered by Heihachi Mishima. After Heihachi kills Shin, he, Kazuya, and Jin engage in a triple threat battle. Jin ultimately emerges as the victor by defeating Kazuya's devil form with his own devil form. However, Heihachi unleashes the ancient spirits of the Mokujin until a fist burst by Alisa gives Jin the opening to slice the behemoth in half with his eye blast. Jin then flies off after telling Xiaoyu that he expects her to challenge him in the future.

    Video Game Appearances

    • Tekken 3
    • Tekken Tag Tournament
    • Tekken 4
    • Tekken 5
    • Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
    • Tekken 6
    • Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
    • Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    • Tekken Advance
    • Tekken Card Challenge
    • Tekken 7

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