Jimmy Wakely

    Character » Jimmy Wakely appears in 21 issues.

    Just another cowpoke, but he could shoot straight and sing... not that the singing ever did him any good in the comics.

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    Jimmy Clarence Wakeley (February 16, 1914–September 23, 1982) 

    Jimmy Wakely was an American country-Western singer and actor, one of the numerous “singing cowboys” that were featured in film and on radio and Television.  

    Like many B-Western stars Wakely also had a comic book with his name on it. 

    While most of Wakely’s film and radio adventures took place in contemporary times the Wakely in the DC comic was set in the 1880s and didn’t sing.

    Otherwise the Wakely found in the pages of his DC comic was indistinguishable from any of dozens of other upright clear-eyed stalwart western heroes found in the comics at the time.   
    However it is of note that he was one of the few "modern" cowboys who at least once used a sword to battle the bad guys.


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