Jimmy Pierce

    Character » Jimmy Pierce appears in 12 issues.

    Became the new Punisher when Frank Castle was believed to be dead.

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    Son of Jack Pierce and Midge Cullen. Tommy "Peach" Cullen, Midge's brother, tried to force Jack into working for his family. Jack refused and joined the Navy becoming a Navy S.E.A.L.. When he returned he fell in love with another woman, and was then killed by Midge and Peach. Jimmy Pierce would only find this out later on in life.


    Jimmy Pierce was created by Steven Grant and Hugh Haynes and first appeared in The Punisher Vol.1 issue 86 (1994).

    Major Story Arcs

    Becoming the new Punisher

    Peach tried to force Jimmy into becoming the new Punisher when Frank Castle was believed to be dead. Peach wanted to other crime familes to think the Punisher was working for them. To force him to do it, he told him that they had his mother hostage. His costume was exactly like Frank Castle's except that he also wore a mask with a skull on it.

    The Cullens would send him after rival crime families, but Jimmy would soon turn on them. Jimmy and his sister Lori found out that their mother and uncle had actually killed their father.

    Eventually Jimmy found Frank Castle, the real Punisher, but they were ambushed by the Cullens. During the shoot out, Jimmy went to confront his mother (Midge) and uncle (Peach). He wanted them to call off this war, and put an end to the blood shed. They agreed, but Lori wouldn't except this. She shot both of them and called out to the Punisher that Jimmy had killed them. Jimmy fled into the night. His wereabouts are currently unknown.

    He uses a pair of colt M1911 pistols.


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