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    Jimmy Olsen is a photojournalist working at the Daily Planet, as well as a close friend of both Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

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    James Bartholomew "Jimmy" OIsen was born and raised in Metropolis. He was mostly raised by his mother after his father, a military man who was later revealed to be working for Cadmus, disappeared during a mission. Jimmy eventually obtained employment at the Daily Planet, where he worked as a photographer and reporter. He soon established a close relationship with his coworkers Perry White, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, as well as developing a friendship with Superman.


    Jimmy Olsen was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Jimmy Olsen is said to be the unnamed office boy in November 1938's Action Comics issue, Action Comics #6. Jimmy Olsen didn't truly appear until "The Adventures of Superman" radio show on April 15, 1940 in which he was given the name, Jimmy Olsen. With this the Superman creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster gave the character more personality and physical appearance. Jimmy Olsen debuted officially in the comics with Superman #13 (November-December 1941) along with Superman's first costumed villain the Archer. After making a few more appearances, Jimmy disappeared in the comics until 1953 when actor Jack Larson played the character in the television show "Adventures of Superman". With this Jimmy Olsen was introduced back into the comics and later got his own solo title in September 1954. Since then the character has been a staple to the Superman mythos and has appeared in countless of different forms of media.

    Character Evolution

    Golden Age

    In his first appearance, Jimmy was a nameless member of the Daily Planet press corps. He made his first named appearance in The Adventures of Superman, a radio show. He soon returned to regular comics, where his personality was expanded and developed upon. His first named appearance was in Superman #13, with his full name being revealed in Superman #15. He vanished from comics for about ten years before being revived in the early 1950s as part of a tie-in to the new Adventures of Superman television show.

    Silver Age

    Following from his 1953 revival, Jimmy was given his own title, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. As was common in the Silver Age, the character's adventures during this time were in general eccentric and surreal, and tended towards the gorilla-related. During this era he had a fan club that implicitly had branches around the whole of the United States. During this era, Olsen is best remembered for his continual transformations into a variety of odd, variably powerful creatures for a variety of reasons. He has been transformed into Giant Turtle Boy, a giant turtle; Elastic Lad, whereby his elasticity was noticeably increased; and a gorilla, among a large number of other transformations.

    Bronze Age

    Jack Kirby took over the title and began introducing elements from his Fourth World, such as Darkseid and early versions of the New Gods, and the DNA Project into Superman's Pal. Readership began to drop as he introduced elements such as the Loch Ness Monster and vampires into the canon, and he left the title as of issue #148. Shortly afterwards, with issue #163, Jimmy was absorbed into the Superman Family anthology label. At this point the character and his adventures took on a more serious bent, adopting the identity of "Mr Action" and working as an investigative reporter who dealt with crime and criminals in the city. It was revealed in Superman #352 that Jimmy had a cousin named Mike Olsen.

    Modern Age

    Jimmy has seen little modernization despite the total reboot of the DC Universe that took place following the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Major elements of his character remained the same, including his profession and friendship with Superman. Minor elements, such as his manner of dress, were different from earlier incarnations, but the impetus for these changes is rooted in the early Bronze Age. One significant change was the provenance of his signal watch, originally a gift from Superman, but in the Modern Age a creation of Jimmy himself. He briefly left his job at the Planet during the 1990s, and simultaneously underwent a personality change, becoming more arrogant and pushy. During this period he gained a job with Galaxy Broadcasters, which he soon lost after believing (falsely) that he had uncovered Superman's secret identity. After this brief absence, he regained his job with the Planet. Otherwise the character has remained largely stable.

    Post-Flashpoint/ New 52

    Prime Earth

    Following the 2011 relaunch of the DC Universe, Jimmy Olsen remains a photographer for the Daily Planet. Clark Kent is his best friend, although Clark was working for a website that he and Kat Grant created. Jimmy instead works together with Lois Lane and Miko on a majority of stories. Jimmy was also present at the demolition of the old Daily Planet building, over which he has expressed disappointment. During the New 52 he has been extremely rich due to his parent leaving him a massive amount of money. He later gives that money away to a good cause. Recently Superman decided to reveal his true identity to him and it created a great issue that showed the relationship between Clark and Jimmy. Clark had just finished using his new Super Flare power to defeat Ulysses and it left him power-less for 24 hours. So for that reason Jimmy was skeptical that Clark was telling him the truth. During this issue they come across a hostage situation and Clark puts on his Superman costume which worries Jimmy because he knows that its just a bluff and that Clark is powerless. Clark shows that his character is what defines him and not his powerset by getting in the way of the gunman and the police. He talks the gunman down and the hostage is released. A few seconds later in an alley Jimmy tells Clark that he now believes his story as Clark starts to get his powers back and is seen floating.

    Earth One

    In the OGN series Superman: Earth One, Jimmy Olsen is an older and more veteran photographer for the Daily Planet and a lot more of a daredevil, courageous enough to make the best photo ever, no matter how dangerous that could be.

    Earth 2

    On Earth-2, Jimmy Olsen is a prisoner inside Arkham Asylum until he was released by the second Batman (Thomas Wayne), Aquawoman, and other members of the resistance. As a technopath with a photographic memory. He goes by the Super Name of Accountable, which was his web name prior to the events of this series. He got an upgrade later when a Motherbox from Mister Miracle chose to interface with him to help their cause against the forces of Apokolips. Jimmy was instrumental in helping 2 million survivors escape the clutches of Darkseid and his forces. When the survivors reached the new earth 2 (Telos), Olsen take the name of Dr. Impossible. After a world wide manhunt for the treacherous Terry Sloane which was underway until his recent demise, Olsen aided in the search for an artifact called the Source Vault which could potentially terra form Earth-2. Initially taking to his new found godhood Olson gathers quite a following among the residents of they're new home, having become rather disenchanted with the common man after an accident with the Source Vault Helena and Oliver had been fiddling with. He soon took it upon himself to remake the entire world in his own image and damn everyone else to extinction, it is later revealed that he killed Sloan and took the Source Vault with him back to Huntress and co. aided by a new Hourman, Johnny Sorrow and Anarchy the crew would retrofit it with his Genesis Machine to remake they're lost home planet, soon revealing he had double crossed Olie and Ms. Wayne by reworking the terra forming engine to instead turn the world into a giant Mother Box. As Dr. Impossible did battle With the heart of the planet in Green Lantern the newly formed Justice Society assembled to stop him, after destroying his Genesis Machine Alan Scott trapped him within an energy cocoon promising all that he would remain imprisoned forever.

    Earth 10

    On Earth-10 Jürgen Olsen is a TV and news anchor and friend of Overman. However he later discovered a sin of Overman and played a part in his downfall. The nature of the treason is unknown.

    Major Story Arcs

    Superman: Metropolis

    During this story arc, Jimmy is briefly promoted to the Planet's star reporter. He assumes the job in place of Clark Kent, who had been demoted. Their relationship suffers because of the strain put on it by their changed relationship dynamic. After the One Year Later, however, Kent returns to his position as star reporter and Jimmy reverts to photography, at one point gaining a Pulitzer Prize for his work.


    During the Countdown to Infinite Crisis, Jimmy Olsen becomes involved in the investigation into the murder of Duela Dent. He soon becomes inextricably tied with the Death of the New Gods when he starts inexplicably gaining a series of uncontrollable superpowers. He briefly takes up the mantle of Mr. Action, and attempts to assimilate himself into established superhero communities. However, they reject him and he soon abandons this pursuit. Instead he devotes himself again to an investigation into his powers, which is aided by Forager, who reveals that Jimmy has become the host for the souls of the New Gods. It is eventually revealed that this is because Darkseid is using Jimmy as a way station for powers he intends to use in his universe-conquering quest. When Jimmy returns to Earth following the failed attempt to eliminate the Morticoccus virus he is kidnapped by Mary Marvel, and his powers are taken control of by Darkseid, who causes him to emit Kryptonite radiation until his powers are rewired by Ray Palmer. Jimmy briefly battles Darkseid in a form reminiscent of his Giant Turtle Boy persona but is swiftly defeated. On the verge of being killed, Jimmy is saved when Ray Palmer intervenes again, destroying the New God power battery and returning Jimmy to his regular, unpowered state.

    Superman: New Krypton

    Jimmy becomes involved in the investigation into a mysterious figure that he witnessed at a fight between Superman and Atlas. Taking two weeks off to investigate, he discovers the history of Codename: Assassin, and narrowly avoids being killed by Codename: Assassin. He also discovers an apparent immunity to the assassin's telepathy. Traveling to the headquarters of Project Cadmus, he learns about the cloning that the Project has been carrying out for several years from Dubbilex, who dies after imparting this information. Jimmy next travels to the small town of Warpath in Arizona and interviews the sheriff, Greg Saunders. Soon Jimmy discovers that Saunders has been working with the only viable clone of the Guardian, and talks to the man. He returns to Metropolis soon after with the knowledge that a part of the US Military, going by the name " Project 7734," is plotting to destroy Superman. He contacts Erik Storn in the hope of gathering more information about this plot. However, he arrives too late, and finds a dying Erik in the wreckage of his burnt-out home. Erik dies in Jimmy's arms after telling him how to contact Natasha Irons. Irons explains the involvement of General Sam Lane in the plot and the existence of a planet killer. After gaining this information, Jimmy is confronted by Codename: Assassin, who has been following Jimmy throughout his investigation. He shoots Jimmy twice in the chest, and leaves him to drown in the ocean. However, Jimmy survives the attempt and uses the opportunity to fake his own death allowing him to carry out his investigation in secrecy.

    Justice League Beyond

    In the future, Jimmy Olsen is still a resident in Metropolis and an insider for the Justice League. When Kobra made another desperate attempt to plunge the world into chaos, Jimmy was put in charge of guarding Amanda Waller and the Justice League headquarters in Metropolis. Unfortunately, Jimmy died while saving Waller's life from falling debris when Kobra's giant supernatural snake was tearing down the Justice League Tower.

    Powers and Abilities

    New Earth / Prime-Earth/ Earth 0 (New 52)

    Jimmy has no exceptional personal powers or abilities when he has not been transformed by various circumstances into a superpowered being. When he has been transformed, he gains powers appropriate to this new form, however these are always temporary and cease to work when he has been transformed back to his normal human self.

    He carries a signal watch which he can use to alert Superman to his need for assistance. Recently it has been suggested that the watch no longer functions for this purpose, but he continues to wear the watch for appearance's sake.

    Earth 2 (New 52)

    In the alternate world of Earth 2 Jimmy Olsen is a technopath and has a photographic memory.

    New God Physiology

    After being chosen by a Mother Box to interface with James was remade into a New God and possesses all of they're attitudes on top of his own natural abilities. Integrating into a higher level of sentient being becoming a near perfect superhuman; making him smarter, stronger, faster, more durable, more agile and more flexible.

    • Superhuman Strength:
    • Invulnerability:
    • Immortality:
    • Superhuman Stamina:
    • Superhuman Speed:
    • Superhuman Senses:
    • Superhuman Reflexes:
    • Superhuman Agility:
    • Healing:
    • Immunity to Disease:

    Personal Information

    Real Name: James Bartholomew Olsen

    Place of Birth: Yonkers, New York

    Occupation: Journalist, Photographer, Reporter

    Height: 5ft. 7in.

    Weight: 150 lbs.

    Hair: Red

    Eyes: Green

    Base: Metropolis

    Partnerships: Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Perry White, Supergirl, Professor Potter and Robin.

    Teams: Daily Planet.

    First Appearance: (unnamed) Action Comics #6 (November 1938); (named) Superman #13 (November/December 1941).

    Created by: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

    Alternate Versions of Jimmy Olsen

    All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder

    Jimmy makes a brief appearance as a reporter with the Gotham Gazette who helps Vicki Vale escape from hospital, and gives her several files on the Grayson family and on Batman.

    All-Star Superman

    Jimmy appears as a member of the Daily Planet's writing staff who frequently goes on assignments where he assumes various jobs and then writes about it. He takes a position as the director of the DNA P.R.O.J.E.C.T. as his latest assignment. He eventually becomes the All-Star universe's Doomsday.

    The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again

    James Olsen is a writer for the Daily Planet. He later makes appearances on a number of television shows, where he attempts to inform the public of the fact that the President is a hologram. He is prevented from doing so by the destruction of Metropolis, which kills him as well as Lois Lane and Perry White.


    Jimmy works for Cyborg as a spy, his target being the Amazons. He is in Paris on assignment when Europe is flooded by the Atlanteans. He dies in the ensuing flood, while attempting to save an old man.

    JLA: The Nail

    Jimmy Olsen makes several attempts at becoming a hero through temporary genetic enhancements before becoming disillusioned and turning to villainy, and taking a job as an aide to Mayor Lex Luthor. Luthor grafts Kryptonian DNA onto Jimmy, giving him amazing powers while simultaneously driving him mad. Jimmy masterminds a plan to place all metahumans in prison, with the intention of extracting their powers and augmenting himself further. His ultimate goal is to transform Earth into a Kryptonian society which he intends to rule. During a battle with members of the Justice League, he encounters an Amish couple and their son. The son is revealed to be Superman, who Jimmy battles after failing to sway the man to his side. At this point Jimmy's body rejects the Kryptonian graft, and he disintegrates.

    Superman: Kal

    Jamie Olsen is a medieval alchemist who works alongside Kal, a blacksmith's apprentice, to create a suit of armour for Baron Luthor. One of his apprentices is Merlin.

    Superman: Red Son

    Jimmy Olsen is a CIA agent, eventually promoted to Director of the CIA. He joins Lex Luthor's presidential ticket, and is elected Vice-President alongside President Luthor.

    Jimmy Olsen in Other Media


    The New Adventures of Superman

    Jimmy appears as a supporting character in this early animated series. He is portrayed by Jack Grimes, who first played the character in the Adventures of Superman radio show.

    Super Friends

    A character claiming to be Jimmy appeared in the episode "Lex Luthor Strikes Back," though he was revealed to be Luthor's henchman, Orville Gump.

    Superman (1988)

    Jimmy appears as the classic supporting character in this series. He is played by Mark L Taylor.

    Superman: the Animated Series

    Jimmy appeared as a friend and colleague of Clark Kent's. He was featured prominently in the episode "Superman's Pal," at the end of which he received the signal watch from Superman. He is played by David Kaufman.

    Justice League and Justice League Unlimited

    Jimmy appears in Superman's nightmare sequence in the episode "Only a Dream." In the nightmare, he is crushed to death by Superman, who has lost control of his powers. He makes cameo appearances in the funeral scene in "Hereafter," and standing next to Kent in the episode "Starcrossed Part 1." He makes an appearance in the Unlimited episode "Question Authority," where he is tied up and gagged by Huntress in order to attract Superman's attention. An allusion to his past transformation into Giant Turtle Boy appears in the episode "Chaos at the Earth's Core." In his voiced appearance he is played by David Kaufman.

    The Batman

    Jimmy Olsen appears alongside Lois Lane in the episode "The Batman/Superman Story, Part One." During this episode he briefly argues with Dick Grayson over the respective merits of their cities' heroes. He is voiced by Jack DeSena.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Jimmy made an appearance in the episode "Battle of the Super Heroes," which made several references to his past transformations. He is played by Alexander Polinsky.


    Superman and Atom Man vs Superman

    Jimmy made his first live-action appearance in these Superman serials. He is played by Tommy Bond (better known as Butch, Alfalfa's foil in the Our Gang/Little Rascals shorts).

    Superman (1978-87)

    Jimmy Olsen appeared in all five Superman movies during this period, making him the only character to appear in all of the era's Superman films. He is played by Marc McClure.

    Superman Returns

    Sam Huntington as Jimmy.
    Sam Huntington as Jimmy.

    Jimmy appears as a slightly older version of the character, who has not had his pictures published in some time because he has had trouble getting the right shots. He is played by Sam Huntington.

    Animated Films

    Jimmy appeared in Superman: Doomsday, where he is played by Adam Wylie; Justice League: The New Frontier, in a silent role; Superman: Brainiac Attacks played by David Kaufman; Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, played by Richard Green; and All-Star Superman, played by Matthew Gray Gubler.

    Live-Action Television

    Adventures of Superman

    Jimmy appeared in this series as a supporting character, the popularity of whom lead to the resurgence of his appearances in comics. He is played by Jack Larson.

    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

    Jimmy appeared as a major supporting character in the series. Originally played as a more arrogant character, in later seasons he reverted to the naive yet loveable newcomer role that was more similar to his comic portrayal. He was also notably skilled with computers. He is played by Michael Landes in the first series, and Justin Whalin in subsequent seasons. When a preternaturally aged Olsen appeared in one episode, he was played by Jack Larson, reprising his role from the Adventures of Superman.


    Aaron Ashmore as the first Jimmy.
    Aaron Ashmore as the first Jimmy.

    Jimmy was first mentioned in the fourth season of this show, and made his first physical appearance in the sixth season episode "Zod." Here, he is a member of the Daily Planet's staff, and goes by the name James rather than the diminutive. The character is romantically involved with the character of Chloe Sullivan, eventually proposing to her at the end of the seventh season. She accepts at the beginning of the eighth season, and the pair soon get married, but are interrupted at their wedding by Doomsday, who critically wounds James and kidnaps Chloe. Their marriage eventually falls apart, but they reconcile shortly before James kills Doomsday and is himself killed.

    It is revealed that his full name is actually Henry James Olsen, and he has a younger brother who is eventually revealed to be the classic Jimmy Olsen from the comics. James is played by Aaron Ashmore, Jimmy is played by Ryan Harder, and by Aaron Ashmore when the character appears in the future.


    Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen.
    Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen.

    Jimmy Olsen is a major character and love interest for Kara Zor-El in the CBS/CW series Supergirl. He largely goes by the name James, with Jimmy being a name reserved for his close friend Superman.

    In this series he is an accomplished photographer, known around the world for not only being Superman's pal, but also the first person to get a photograph of the famed hero.

    He begins the series freshly moved from Metropolis, seeking to broaden his horizons as the new art director for CatCo in National City. While there, he promised Superman to keep an eye on his cousin, Supergirl, who he works with and befriends. He is portrayed by Mehcad Brooks.

    Video Games

    Superman 64

    Jimmy is kidnapped by Lex Luthor along with several other Superman supporting characters. The game's object is to rescue them.

    Superman: Shadow of Apokolips

    Jimmy is a minor character who appears in the story scenes and not in the actual game. He is voiced by David Kaufman.

    DC Universe Online

    Jimmy appears as a supporting character. He is played by Brandon Young.


    The Adventures of Superman

    Jimmy made his first named appearance in this radio series, where he was introduced as a character for Superman to talk to. He is played by Jack Kelk and Jack Grimes.


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