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    Character » Jimmy Jupiter appears in 35 issues.

    Jimmy Jupiter was an imaginative young boy who would regularly visit a fantasy world known as the Land of Nowhere where just about anything he imagined could happen.

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    Jimmy Jupiter was a fairly average young boy with an big imagination, who had the ability to travel to another dimension known as the Land of Nowhere, a fantasy world full of things like talking trees, fairies, and candy people. According to the people of fairy land, there is one child in each generation who can visit this dimension. While most dismissed his adventures there as nothing more than dreams, Jimmy was convinced that the Land of Nowhere was a real place.


    Jimmy Jupiter was created by Ed Robbins and first appeared in Marvel Mystery Comics #28 of February 1942. He later reappeared in 2011's Captain America #1, courtesy of Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven.

    Major Story Arcs

    American Dreamers

    During World War II, Jimmy and his powers were discovered by Nick Fury after he brought a two-headed cat to school. Although still only a child, Jimmy Jupiter was used by Fury as his "secret weapon" in a mission to attack a HYDRA base that included Captain America, Peggy Carter, Dum Dum Dugan and Codename: Bravo. However, after sending Codename: Bravo and his team through a portal to Nowhere, a HYDRA agent bashed Jimmy's head in, rendering him comatose.

    Jimmy re-appeared nearly seventy years later during a surprise attack on his former allies by Codename: Bravo. Although having come out of his coma, he was still catatonic and unresponsive. After visiting him at a rest home, Captain America, Nick Fury, and Sharon Carter were attacked by HYDRA agents. This only served as a distraction however, as other agents of HYDRA managed to escape with Jimmy. Realizing that they'd led the agents right to Jimmy, it was apparent that the agents were working for Bravo.

    Personal Data


    • Height : 6"
    • Weight: 169 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Bald with white fringe (formerly reddish-blond)


    • Place of Birth: Clearview, Washington
    • Citizenship: USA 
    • Education: Elementary School (unfinished) 
    • Occupation: Former Allied operative, adventurer, student
    • Known Relatives: John and Mary Jankovicz (parents, deceased), Walter Dwarden, Fred Robinson (uncles, deceased) Willy Dwarden (cousin)

    Powers and Abilities

    Jimmy Jupiter is able to travel to a dimension known as the Land of Nowhere, a world that he could shape with the use of his imagination into whatever he desired. He could even take creatures and objects from this dimension into the real world.

    According to SHIELD scientists, the Land of Nowhere is actually a slipstream space, which is a dimension between layers of reality.


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