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Jimmy Corrigan was born to Mrs. Corrigan. Jimmy Corrigan had no relationship with his father when he was growing up, considering his mother kept Jimmy's father's identity a secret for most of his life.


Jimmy Corrigan was created by Chris Ware. He has written many highly acclaimed graphic novels, including Acme Novelty Library.

Major Story Arcs

Jimmy Corrigan has only appeared in one graphic work: Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth. This novel chronicles Jimmy Corrigan's first meeting with his father. Before that meeting, Jimmy had never had any contact with his father. This story reveals how unhappy Jimmy is. Jimmy uses his imagination to escape his unhappiness. The story displays Jimmy's journey to eventual adulthood, by making him rely less on his imagination, and rely more on social interaction. This transition is displayed when Jimmy meets his father's other daughter, for the first time. Their conversations show how much Jimmy struggles during social interactions. At the end of Jimmy's main story arc, he has grown tremendously as a person.

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