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Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster's origin is unknown.


Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster was created by Jason Merritt. Merritt was the winner of the create a character contest that ran early in Savage Dragon Books. Jimbo made his debuted in Savage Dragon issue #10. He's your typical tough-talking, lobster sailor. Jimbo is also on the cover of Savage Dragon absolute collection Vol.1.

Character Evolution

Image Universe

Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster
Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster

After Cutthroat failed to defeat Dragon again , Jimbo told his bosses to send him in, claiming he could easily defeat the Dragon. He spends some time wreaking havoc in Chicago then Dragon comes in to stop him. A fierce and destructive battle ensues across the city and the two them cause a large amount of property damage but the two of them were evenly matched. The fight ended with Jimbo punching Dragon through a wall. Appearing that Dragon has been defeated, Jimbo walked away. Dragon threw the fight to save the city, and saying he someone else to pick him up.

Major Story Arcs

Power & Abilities


His strength is on the same level as Savage Dragon.


His skin couldn't be pierced.

Physical Characteristics

Height: Above 6’

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Unknown

Unusual Features: Lobster hands, and red skin.

Other Versions


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