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    Person » Jim Valentino is credited in 928 issues.

    Comic book artist and publisher. He was famous for his run on Guardians of Galaxy in the early 90's and Shadowhawk.

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    Jim Valentino's role in shaping the content and business of late 20th century comics is immeasurable. From his attendance at the first San Diego Comic-Con in 1977 to the present, hardly any aspect of modern-day comics can escape the spectre of his influence.

    It has been said that Jim meeting Jack Kirby at that convention led to his going home, packing his bags and moving to San Diego...and consequently, along with the other IMAGE founders, changing the face of comics forever.

    In 1978, Valentino self-published his first comic, entitled CHRISTMAS COMICS. He then went on to create a number of underground projects, among which was NORMALMAN, which Dave Sim picked up for Aardvark-Vanaheim. When that company splintered, Jim produced a few one-shots for Renegade Press, but went on to work for publisher that offered more stability for a freelancer, Marvel. He wrote and drew GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and a few other titles.

    Then in 1992, IMAGE was born and the rest, as they say, is history. Jim continues be a tour-de-force for that organization and to write and draw for his Shadowline subsidiary.

    Characters & Teams Created/Co-Created by Jim Valentino

    • Nomalman
    • Phoenix/Giraud
    • Shadowhawk (Paul Johnstone)
    • Shadowhawk II (Edward "Eddie" J. Collins)
    • Silver Age Shadowhawk (Luke Hatfield Sr.)
      • Squirrell
    • Emissary
    • Vendetta
    • The Regulators
      • Blackjak
      • Arson
      • Vort-X
      • Hardedge
    • The Others
      • Guardd
      • Klone
      • Kontact
      • Racket
      • Reboud
    • The Pact
      • Handgunn
      • Blacklight
      • Slam
      • Cutlass
    • The Alliance
      • Doctor Infinity
      • Zap
      • Intergriti
      • Alpha
      • Firepower (Joel Saronson)
    • The Intimidators
      • Astroman
      • Crash
      • Limit
      • Festish
      • Firepower (Lloyd Chambers)
      • Byrn
    • General Uriah
    • Atrocity
    • Hawk's Shadow
    • Coldblood
    • Dedline
    • Liquifier
    • Knightsabre
    • Krugarr
    • Rancor
    • Replica
    • Protege

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