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Jihad sought to conquer all other dimensions, but to do this he needed to acquire four artifacts of great magical power. To this end, he enlisted (or forced) countless heroes to gather these items, but none would prove successful.  

It was sometime later that Jihad would defeat the legendary Sinbad and captured his daughter, Dione. Sinbad however, had learned through an oracle of the existance of the heroic Fantastic Four, and was able to trick Jihad into choosing them as his next pawns in obtaining the magic artifacts. In order to force them to his realm, Jihad sent four elementals to battle the Fantastic Four, as well as a monstrous hydra to capture their family and friends. While the Fantastic Four were occupied with the elementals, the hydra had taken Franklin, Valeria, Caledonia, as well as Puppy, and brought them back to Jihad's realm. 
The Fantastic Four pursued the hydra, but were overpowered when Jihad intervened during their battle. He then transported them to Sinbad's ship, which was in fact now Jihad in disguise. Following clues that Jihad had left on the ship, the Fanastic Four were able to find out about the four artifacts, and that obtaining them could allow them the means to get back their family and friends. 
After several harrowing trails, the Fantastic Four were able to successfully obtain the artifacts. It was at this point however, that Jihad changed back from his ship diguise and showed the Fantastic Four that he'd turned their family and friends into wooden statues, as well as Sinbad and Dione, and that they would have to continue to serve him if they wished to have them returned unharmed. Ben however, was able to snatch Sinbad from Jihad's clutches, thus undoing the spell on him. Jihad then quickly retreated with the artifacts and his remaining captives, and returned to his lair to use the power of the artifacts and the captives' souls to gain the power he needed to conquer all dimensions. 
Luckily, the Fantastic Four were able to find Jihad's lair with the help of Sinbad before Jihad could fully complete his ritual. They quickly battled him and were eventually able to keep him occupied long enough to use the artifacts to return the captives back to normal. Enraged, Jihad sought to destroy them all. Ben however, managed to shatter one of the artifacts, and the unrestrained energies from it ended up banishing Jihad from the physical plane. 
Jihad is a being of immense size and power. He has considerable strength and durability, not to mention a vast array of magical abilities. These magics include (but may not be limited to) interdimensional travel, the ability to transform himself and others, flame breath, levitation, and countless other spells. 
He also has various entities under his control, including several elementals and a hydra. 

Jihad was a somewhat controversial character because of his name and appearance, not to mention the fact that he was introduced eleven days before the September 11th attacks.     


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