Ji Xi

    Character » Ji Xi appears in 14 issues.

    Mysterious bearer of the 13th Artifact

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    Ji Xi is part of a brotherhood of Monks who were in charge of protecting the Thirteenth Artifact. The artifact contains unspeakable evil and bent on the destruction of mankind. Every generation the Artifact is passed down to a member of the brotherhood in order to prevent it from escaping. The artifact recently overpowered it current possessor and killed all the monks who were guarding it. Ji is the only survivor of the attack and his taken the sole responsibility to keeping the artifact inside of him.

    The Survivor wanted to get all the artifact bearers together in order to destroyed this one and rebuild his world. He sent out Ian, Mali and Alina to recover Ji but he defeated them and stating that he wanted no part of this war and if they were to ever cross his path he would kill them. When the other side came to ask him to align with them, they had to convince him that they did not want to take the artifact from him but just wanted his help. He decides to help them and teleported with Dani into the Survivor's layer.

    When the Universe is reborn he is seen walking the mountains by himself.


    Ji is the bearer of the 13th Artifact which contains great amount of evil. This item gives him flight and teleportation abilities, he can also locate other artifacts and their bearers.


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