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    Jewelry Bonney, also known as the "Big Eater", is a pirate and captain of the Bonney Pirates. She is one of twelve pirates refereed to as the "Worst Generation". She and her crew hailed from the South Blue. Her current bounty is 140,000,000 beli.

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    Bonney is first seen in the Sabaody Archipelago along with her crew the Bonney pirates, while preparing themselves and stocking up for their voyage to the new world Bonney and her crew were eating in a restaurant located in grove 24 wherein she ordered a ton of food and proceeded to devour them without manners which causes the other customers to watch in disgust including one other Supernova Capone Bege, it almost causes the two crews to fight each other.

    Later on she sees Zoro outside about to attack a World Noble or a Celestial Dragon that shot at him which caused Zoro to draw his sword and attack the world noble. As he was about to retaliate, Bonney jumped in his way and threw him down on the ground and exclaiming that he is her brother and said that he had died. In truth she was only trying to protect him, herself and her crew because the consequences of harming or even raising a hand against a world noble is an attack from an Admiral that is to be dispatched from the nearby Marine headquarters.

    When Luffy himself attacks a world noble in Sabaody which causes an Admiral to be dispatched to where they are, Bonney gets infuriated at the Straw Hat pirates even claiming that if she ever sees them in the New world that she would destroy them. While making her escape out of Sabaody she uses her Devil Fruit to turn Marine soldiers blocking their way into old men and little children.

    Whitebeard War

    At the beginning of the war she was in Sabaody looking at the televised execution of Fire Fist Ace. But after the war had finished we can see her looking at Marineford with her crew and the other Supernovas from different ships afar claiming that this war is all one person's fault and she declared and ordered her crew to sail to the New world and hunt down this one person who is responsible.

    After the war

    In the New World we see Bonney and her crew defeated and held hostage by the Blackbeard Pirates and is being used an object to be traded to the Marines in exchange for a ship because their old ship was destroyed by the sheer size of San Juan Wolf. While in captivity Blackbeard offers her a chance of escape if she becomes his woman in which she instantly refuses and kicks him. Soon after when the marines arrive and Blackbeard and his crew finds out that they are not in the mood for trading since Admiral Akainu is on board. They flee, leaving Bonney and her crew to be left at the hands of Akainu and the Marines.

    When Akainu reaches her he explains how worried and afraid he was when she escaped the World Government but is now happy upon her return, in which she yells at him saying how she will never forgive the World Government.

    Powers and abilities

    Bonney and her crew's raw strength are not really that great or may have not yet been fully utilized since they all got easily captured by the Blackbeard pirates easily.

    Although Bonney herself has an uncanny ability to devour countless amounts of food without getting fat in the slightest way or even showing signs that she has had enough food.

    Her powers come from an unnamed Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that involves age manipulation. She can alter her age and of those other people around her, like on Sabaody when she turned a group of Marines into old people and children.


    She is a fit woman with pink hair, she wears a white top that shows much of her stomach and some cleavage, a brown jacket and pink stockings with some dark red and yellow designs up to her thigh.

    She also wears a green hat.


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