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    Jet is a woman who was one of the "chosen" by the extra terrestrial Guardians and Zamorans to become a super-human being to usher in the new millennium. First a member of the Guardians and later the leader of the newly created Global Guardians.

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    The Guardian Herupa Hando Hu and the Zamaron Nadia Safir came to Earth to find ten people to propel Earth into the new millennium. The only problem was that they were very bitter about how they were treated after the Guardians abandoned them after forming the Green Lantern Corps. The Manhunters lied in wait for centuries waiting for this moment, having sleeper agents all over the universe including Earth and they did everything they could to stop Herupa and Nadia from fulfilling their duty.

    Celia Windward was the fifth to be visited by Herupa and Nadia. Just like all of the chosen, Herupa and Nadia told her in her own language that “We have chosen ten people on Earth to advance the human race, and one of the ten is you! The heroes and heroines of Earth join us in asking you to leave this life and enter the future”. Celia said she would not join but changed her mind later on. She would eventually get new powers to control energies allowing for flight and energy projection and become a member of the New Guardians and later the Global Guardians as Jet. She would later die by the hands of Prometheus when he began killing members of the Global Guardians.


    Jet can control aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum. She can focus it into energy blasts or direct it so that she can fly. She also has an ability to control electricity. Despite the presence of green flames, she has no power over fire, rather that is the manifestation of her powers when she uses them.


    Her grandmother Maria was saved by Alan Scott from the NAZIs in Young All-Stars #9.


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