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Jet Girl is the best friend of the hero Tank Girl. She flies around in a suped up jet and is an expert mechanic. She is also one of the few characters in the Tank Girl series that has all of her hair still in tact. Personality wise, she's laid back and sometimes called boring, although that depends on who is looking at her.

In the Movie:
In the Movie, Jet was a prisoner of the "Water and Power" corporation along with Tank Girl. When Tank arrived, she inspired Jet to want to break free. When she did, she stole one of the company's jets. Eventually in the movie, she suped up the jet (during the same time Tank suped up her Tank) and became more of a butt kicking character rather than a frightened prisoner. By the end of the movie, she'd overcame her timidness to become a strong and spunky member of the Tank Girl crew.

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