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In her Americomics appearances, we learn Pat Carson, aka Jet Girl,  has been asleep for 30 years. Dr. Jonathan Weir (Purple Claw) had preserved many heroes, under the protective glow of his mystic glove.  Deciding that the future would best benefit from heroes like Rocketman and Jet Girl, Dr. Weir puts a group of heroes in stasis, part of the "Vault Heroes" program.  The stasis kept the heroes alive and in a coma like state for many years and the process also seems to halt the the aging process.  
Jet Girl and Rocketman were awakened and revived to partake in the Shroud Wars, and now they fight alongside their allies, Femforce   
List of other "Vault Heroes": The Targeteer, Dynamic Man, The Hood, Crimebuster, Black Venus, Blue Eagle, The Phantom Falcon, Catman, The Avenger, Green Lama, Captain Flash, Shock Gibson, Strong Man, Torpedoman, Red Rocket, Blue Flame, Black Cobra, Tiger Man, Mightymite, Flagman and Kitten.   

Powers and Abilities

Flight ( via her jet pack )  


This is the Americomics/AC version of Jet Girl.  Jet Girl as a character is in the Public Domain having first appeared during the Golden Age of comics with other ( defunct) publishers of the time. 

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