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The legend of San Francisco is that it's a Gomorrah of the new age. Leaving aside its magnetic attraction for homosexuals, the city has somehow acquired a reputation for licentious behavior that good, God-fearing Americans should have nothing to do with.

For all that these Americans fear God, they would be terrified of Jesus DeSade.

DeSade's business is pleasure, in every form and combination. Nothing is forbidden, everything is permitted, and the more forbidden a pleasure is, the more pleasure will be taken from it. His wealth and status among the elite class of America allowed him to pursue his passions.

Naturally, he held amazing parties.

One of these parties was crashed by Jesse Custer, his girlfriend Tulip and their friend, the vampire Cassidy. Cassidy's girlfriend had died of a heroin overdose, and they tracked the men who'd sold it to her to DeSade's mansion. They arrived to find an orgy of epic proportions.

The three were followed by agents of The Grail, who were trying to capture Jesse Custer for use in their plans, and their gunfire put an end to the party very quickly. For DeSade, however, the party ended under the fists of Jesse Custer.

Custer discovered that DeSade was filming pornography with a young boy. Custer proceeded to beat DeSade's face to a pulp. When DeSade's assistant, Harcourt, pointed a gun, Jesse used his Voice of Command to make the man eat it. Then he commanded the female porn model to tell the police about the party and to take care of the young boy for the rest of her life. While leaving the scene we see a crying Harcourt trying to chew his own gun, breaking teeth and damaging his jaw in the process.

DeSade's current whereabouts are unknown but based on Jesse's words, it is assumed he went to jail.


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