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    Son of God in Christianity, Muslim Prophet in Islam, and Jewish teacher in Judaism.

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    Jesus is the central figure to Christianity (which bears his name.) His story is told in the Christian Bible.

    According to the Bible, Jesus took up the profession of carpentry, and preached about the way of God and preached forgiveness and salvation before being crucified on the cross. After a three-day period in Hell where he declared victory over Satan, he was resurrected. He then spent a period of forty days on Earth after his resurrection which ended in his ascension to Heaven. He will one day return to Earth to judge the living and the dead.

    According to the Qur'an and Hadith, Jesus taught about the oneness of God and urged his people, the Israelites, to come back to the way of true monotheism and renounce their evil practices. The Jews saw him as a threat to their interests and conspired against him. They asked the Romans to crucify and kill Jesus, which the Romans agreed to. However, a little moment before the supposed crucifixion, Jesus came to a house full of his twelve disciples. He asked three times if one of them was willing to die for him on the cross, and the third time, one of his disciples (most likely Judas) agreed to do it. Judas's face was made to look like Jesus and Jesus ascended to the heavens through a hole in the roof. When the Romans arrived, they saw "Jesus," arrested him, and crucified him instead. The real Jesus will return before the Day of Judgement to defeat the Dajjal (Anti-Christ), break the cross, and declare peace for 40 years, after which he will die a normal death.


    Jesus Christ is a historical figure. The most famous representation of him is in the Christian Bible. His first appearance in comics is not known.

    Character Evolution

    Over the course of the publication history of comics, the acceptable societal presentation of Jesus Christ has changed substantially. In the 1940s Western society had not yet become as secularized as it is in modern days, and thus any representations of Jesus were generally comic version of Bible stories. Later it became more acceptable for characters to meet him in different ways, for instance occasionally as a spiritual guide or as background historical character (for instance, he has been tied to the origin story of the Phantom Stranger.) Later the character became common in shock stories, which were meant to challenge people's understanding of him (and perhaps their faith), occasionally in a crass manner. Additionally his image has been used as a proselytizing tool in religious comics in the twenty-first century, and not only for Christianity.

    Major Story Arcs

    Generally speaking, most comic adaptations of the Bible follows the source material closely, but Jesus is also often used more imaginatively in other comics. Here follows a description of some of them.

    Jesus Hates Zombies

    In Alterna comics' Jesus Hates Zombies series there has been a zombie plague that killed off most of earth’s population, after which God decides he must intervene. He sends his son back to earth on a mission to find a hidden church somewhere amidst the ruins of civilization. Within the church are some of the last remaining humans on the planet.

    These survivors have banded together to seek the Lord's help. Unfortunately, due to the interference of evil, the exact location of this church has been hidden from view. What’s worse is that Jesus' power is fueled by faith and belief, and with most of humanity gone, his power levels have been reduced to that of a mere mortal.

    Jesus is sent to wander across the globe along with his faithful zombie apostle Laz, searching for the elusive church while fighting off the hordes of undead zombies, werewolves, and evil army of super-undead creatures led by the zombie angel Gabriel whilst teaming up with a time-traveling Abraham Lincoln.


    A thinly veiled version of Jesus made appearances in Ghost Rider. Here simply named "The Friend," he helps Johnny Blaze in a battle with Satan. The Friend was supposed to be Jesus, but when Jim Shooter took over as editor of Ghost Rider with issue #19 he retconned him into being an illusion, possibly out of fear of offending Christians.

    Night Phoenix Press

    Jesus is the son of Alpha Omega, "The Most High God". He is heir to the Throne of Heaven and also The Most High God Himself.

    Saint Young Men

    In the Saint Young Men manga, Jesus is living in Tokyo with his roommate Buddha. Hijinks ensue.

    Powers and Abilities

    In the Bible, Jesus is God, the Second Person of the Trinity.

    The power-level of the comic versions vary greatly from being baseline human to the omnipotent Bible version.


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