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    An Infiltration expert and a textbook troublemaker and underachiever, Jester is better knows for causing trouble than he is at saving others from it. Known for resenting authority, Jester remarkably listens to any orders barked by Colonel Dane, the man who rescued him from a fledgling career in the SEALs.

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    Jester's capacity for violence is matched only by his talent for self-destruction, and his time in the field is exceeded by time in the brig. When on mission, Jester is a highly effective assassin, but his long-range military career was constantly under question by his disregard for the chain of command and his prison record.

    After serving a long term in SEAL team 6, his superiors were only too happy to give a troublemaker like Dexter LeMoyne over to Colonel Dane's Team 7 unit.

    Jester went rogue with the rest of his team after being sent on a suicide mission by their superiors. The team adopted the callsign WetWorks and fought in a war between the Vampire and Werewolf nations.

    Major Story Arcs

    Reading his tendency for putting his life at unworthy risks, his symbiote concluded he didn't needed his body in its present form. So he replaced it. With no organic body, current medical science would label him as dead. When he learned and understood that, it was a big shock for him and the team. It was the obvious sign, with Dozers growth, that the symbiotes were indeed permanently affecting their hosts.

    Nevertheless, his new found ability to shape his body at will proved quite useful. In the course of the saga, he transformed his arms in guns, transformed his whole body to take the place of Pilgrim's sniper rifle, took the appearance of various people or animals, cover a teammate like a blanket to give him another person's appearance. He even fully transformed in a werewolf to fight him on an equal foot. It also led to weird situation, like when Claymore shot through his head to kill a blindsiding opponent. After all, a hole in the head is nothing when one can fill it instantly.

    However, Jester is still vulnerable to mental attacks, like when Drakken turned his mind into a wreck so he was unable to keep a coherent shape and was thereby rendered useless.


    After Captain Atom's visit to the WildStorm Universe, Jester was revived and is still part of the Wetworks team.

    Powers & Abilities

    The golden armor each member is joined with gives them increased strength, limited invulnerability and a mental link to one another as well as various individual powers. Jester can also shapeshift into any form or make his own version of one usually in a golden hue but he can get rid of it if he so chooses. He can also create a symbiote that will act according to his will.


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