Jessica Peterson

    Character » Jessica Peterson appears in 22 issues.

    Jessica is the newest incarnation of an Indian snake spirit - its tool of vengeance on the 68 men who wronged it centuries ago. She is also trying to be a typical young woman in LA.

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    This series was created by film director Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth, Four Feathers), is written by Zeb Wells, and is illustrated by Michael Gaydos.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Jessica was just getting adjusted to her life in L.A. after moving there from the Midwest working as a waitress in a downtown divebar, when suddenly problems like finding a job and friends seem extremely trivial. Accosted by a man one evening, she taps into something primal, an instinct she never knew she had. She becomes the predator and he the prey. Terrified at the result, she seeks help. What she finds is a man who believes insists that she is the victim of a curse, as is he.

    68 British men slaughtered and plundered a village and Naga temple in colonial India, centuries ago. To mete out vengeance, a Naga spirit cursed the spirits of each of The 68 to be reincarnated over and over, until that generation's incarnation of a deadly Snake Woman could kill every one of them. No Snake Woman yet has survived long enough to complete the task. The question now is: will Jessica?

    When Jessica is confronted with extreme emotional stress, one of The 68 or a symbol from their first voyage, something primal and reptilian awakes in her. Its physical manifestation can be as slight as her eyes becoming slitted and green to growing razor-sharp claws where her hands used to be. Torn between her human side (ethics, morals, intellect) and her reptilian side (instincts, senses, and survival patterns) and she has to uncover this new part of herself and reconcile a fate. Whether this passing mutation can be more drastic has yet to be seen.


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