Jessica Fallon

    Character » Jessica Fallon appears in 14 issues.

    An FBI agent, and former Black Razor who is after Voodoo to obtain information on the Daemonite alien species.

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    Prior to the events of Voodoo Jessica was a Black Razor: a secret organization whose mission was to locate and obtain alien technology. She was supposedly one of the best among the Black Razor’s until she was reassigned to be an FBI liaison along with her partner and lover Tyler Evans, until he was killed by Voodoo.


    Jessica Fallon was created by writer Ron Marz and artist Sami Basri.

    Character Evolution

    Jessica Fallon
    Jessica Fallon

    Following Wildstorm's integration into the DC Universe after the events of Flashpoint. Fallon has an antagonistic, yet ambiguous relationship with the main character, Priscilla Kitaen.

    Major Story Arcs

    Tracking Voodoo

    Jessica is working cover in a strip club undercover as a customer to observe Priscilla Kitaen who they believe to be an alien. Tyler enjoys the show a little too much for Jessica's taste causing her to leave him alone in the club. When Tyler returns to their hotel room she sleeps with him unaware that it is actually Priscilla Kitaen impersonating Tyler. Afterwards Priscilla, still disguised as Tyler, goes to the restroom, and Jessica receives a call informing her that Tyler was found dead in the club. Jessica attempts to apprehend Priscilla, but she had fled through the bathroom window.

    A group known as the Black Razors lead by Black Jack attack Voodoo, and force her to take cover in an abandoned hotel. Jessica arrives on the scene while all this is going on, and Jessica uses her rank against Black Jack to go after Voodoo alone. She fights briefly with Voodoo, but at some point she escapes. Afterwards the FBI puts Jessica on indefinite leave, feeling that her emotions are getting in the way of her duty.

    When Jessica is preparing to give up on the case she is confronted by Black Jack who tries to convince her to go after Voodoo. At first she doesn’t listen, but when she remembers that the original Voodoo has yet to be moved to a new location, she enlists Black Jack in helping her break Priscilla out of her prison to help them chase down the cloned Voodoo. The two of them succeed in breaking Pricilla out of her prison and shortly after Jessica, Black Jack, and Priscilla go to the location of an exploded Daemonite ship. While they are they the cloned Voodoo appears through a portal, and Black Jack attacks her, but is swiftly decapitated by the cloned Voodoo.

    Jessica tries to threaten the cloned Voodoo by threating to kill Priscilla, who Jessica states is the only way that the cloned Voodoo can ever find the truth behind her identity. Though this doesn’t work Jessica still tries to trick the clone by sneaking an electrocution device in Priscilla’s pocket, but she is unable to get her to play along. Priscilla fights back and run’s away. The cloned Voodoo then takes on the form of Agent Evans and tries to get Jessica to weaken her guard by playing on the idea that Evans never loved Jessica, but Voodoo did. Jessica denies this, but still lets the cloned Voodoo get too close. The cloned Voodoo then kills Jessica by impaling her. Priscilla during her flight found the device that Jessica slipped into her pocket, and attempts to return, but is too late to save Jessica.

    Powers & Abilities

    Jessica is a trained FBI Agent. She has shown herself to be a very skilled combatant, capable of taking on many opponents at once. She shows remarkable skill in operating a suit of armor developed by the Black Razors. She excels in hand to hand combat as well as in the handling of firearms.


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