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Jessica 6 and Logan 5
Jessica 6 and Logan 5

Living in the 23rd Century Jessica 6 is of the few survivors of war,over population and pollution. Her and her people live in a domed city. The city is a virtually utopia living lives for just science and pleasure, but they have one rule life must end at thirty unless you are reborn in the fiery ritual of Carrousel.

Jessica doesn't believe in carousel. She believes that no one ever gets renewed and that the people are just killed. She believes in this so much that she aids people in an escape form the city. These people are called runners. Although, Jessica helps these people she has no idea where it is or how to get to it. She is just one link in the chain.

Jessica wears a necklace/silver collar with an Ankh symbol on it This symbol is the symbol of sanctuary. A man named Logan 5 notices this by chance and later finds out it's meaning and is sent by the main computer to infiltrate the group. Logan is a Sandman and Sandmen are the law of the city. For the most part their main task is to find and nullify/kill runners.


Heather Menzies
Heather Menzies

In the Logan`s Run movie she is played by Jenny Agutter. In the 1970`s Heather Menzies played Jessica 6 for the TV Adaption.

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