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    Character » Jess Bright appears in 30 issues.

    Jess Bright, sometimes known as Jeff Bright, was an original member of the Suicide Squad. After he was left for dead on a mission, he became Koshchei The Deathless, a member of the Jihad.

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    Jess Bright was a physicist and colleague of Doctor Hugh Evans. Early in their careers they were worked together on nuclear testing. One test went wrong, irradiating their entire team and condemning them to death. The two escaped because the jeep they had been driving in had broken down. Soon after they were assigned to the original Suicide Squad joining Captain Rick Flag and Doctor Karin Grace. Despite the fact that Grace and Flag were already a couple they chose to hide the fact from their new colleagues. This continued until one disastrous mission in the Himalayas when the truth was discovered. Evans and Bright quit the team, but first needed Flag to return them home. On the return journey while the team was crossing an ice bridge, Evans and Bright stayed behind to fight a yeti allowing Flag and Grace to escape. The two fell, seemingly to their deaths,giving their teammates a chance to escape the Yeti.Evans did die but Bright manages to survive using his knife to wear the Yeti's skin to keep him alive until finally reaching a Chinese military outpost.

    He then began recovering in the hospital, however the extreme frostbite he suffered cost him his fingers,toes,lips and nose. However the scientist offered him an opportunity from the Chinese government, the chance to assist in a taskforce to develop their own metahumans in exchange for HSEIN status which he readily accepted.However the constantly changing nature of the government landed him in prison as a suspected spy,until the arrival of an operative of the U.S.S.R who rescued him and used cybernetics to help him in his physical recovery.He then set to work helping to maintain Russia's Rocket Reds,before being lent to Qurac where he created the Jihad's metahumans until Rick Flag attack and blew up the lab resulting in his death.He was then brought back using his technology leaving his mind alive while his body remained dead further gaining Rick his vengeance,spurring him to plan the attack resulting in the Jihad's second loss at the hand's of the Suicide Squad.However following this loss he was forced to put together his own death squad to deal with Flag.

    He then enacted his plan kidnapping Rick and Karin's unknown son to draw Rick out,this forced Amanda Waller to assemble several members of the Sucide Squad with Nemesis filling in for his then believed deceased friend.He then planned to kill himself,the Squad and the boy but Nemesis talked him down letting him go for "Karin's sake" before giving Nemesis and the Squad an opportunity to escape the trap,remaining behind in it.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jess Bright has no super powers but is a genius level physicist. Later he became skilled in cybernetics. Due to his time with the original Suicide Squad he became a decent marksman and hand-to-hand combatant.


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