Character » Jerry appears in 3390 issues.

    One of the two titular protagonists of the popular Tom & Jerry cartoons produced by Hanna-Barbera.

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    Jerry Mouse is a rodent featured in the famous Hanna-Barbera-produced Tom & Jerry cartoons.

    Due to his mischievous knack for heckling his rival Tom, Jerry has in recent years garnered a variety of Internet "troll" memes.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Great Endurance - While considerably inferior to Tom in terms of endurance, Jerry still possesses a great amount of endurance. His endurance varies from episodes to episodes but he is shown to be able to survive being crushed and stomped. He does have his limits highlighted in one episode where he wasn't able to endure the freezing cold and literally froze.
    • High Strength - Despite being a mouse, Jerry is deceptively powerful and he is able to pick up objects large than him. Arguably his most impressive feat of strength was when he was able to pick up Tom by the tail and slam him over him a couple of times.
    • Great Speed - Jerry is very very quick and he is able to easily dodge Tom's attacks as well as many other attacks.
    • High Agility - Like normal mice, Jerry is extremely agile.
    • Great Intellect - Perhaps his most powerful quality is his intellect. He is a highly intelligent mouse that is able to outsmart his enemies, mainly Tom. When in dangerous situations, he is able to think of good ways to escape or dodge attacks. His intellect is the main reason why he is able to defeat or outlast Tom in most episodes.
    • Super Eating - He is able to eat cheese that is much bigger than him without his body bursting open.

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