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    Legendary artist & creator rights advocate involved in the creation of Robin and the co-creator of the Joker. In 2004, he was inducted to the Comic Book Hall of Fame. Jerry Robinson was the president and is the founder of the Cartoonists and Writers Syndicate/Cartoon Arts International.

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    Legendary Golden Age artist who studied journalism at Columbia University in Manhattan.

    Jerry penciled and/or inked many of the early Batman (including issue 1) and Detective Comics covers during the 30's and 40'. Jerry Robinson is the sole creator of the Joker (although this has been argued about at length). Many of the problems for Jerry's proper recognition stem from Bob Kane who finagled many legalities about Batman and his cast of supporting characters and disputed Robinson being the sole creator of the Joker. Jerry Robinson did public appearances, interviews and open discussions about this til the day he died. If you have ever read or seen anything Batman related you may have noticed that somewhere it will read "Batman Created by Bob Kane" BUT... (and that is a big BUT!)... Bob Kane is NOT the sole creator of Batman and there is even a controversy that Kane didn't even come up with Batman but instead came up with "Birdman" and Bill Finger was the one who suggested it be a "Batman."

    The trademark calling card which Jerry drew for the Joker has been on display in Museums. And the Joker was actually supposed to die in his second appearance (Batman issue #2) but the editor at DC (Whitney Ellsworth) made a quick last minute change because he saw the great potential in the Joker!

    Robinson is the one who suggested the name " Robin" after Robin Hood, for Batman's new sidekick. Robinson designed the costume that Robin (Dick Grayson) would wear. The outfit and colorscheme were also based on Robin Hood. Bill Finger also shares credit for Robin. Bill Finger thought it would be a good idea for Batman to have a sidekick. About a year and a half after Robinson and Finger were both hired by Kane, National Comics swept them away, hiring them on as company staffers. Robinson worked in the bullpen alongside such notable creators as Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, as well as Jack Kirby.

    Robinson was the key supporter in Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's long struggle to gain recognition and rights to their creation, Superman with DC. Unfortunately early on they were given a check from DC for only $130.00 for the exclusive rights to the character. The check that DC paid for Superman has actually been located and is up for sale but not officially through Comic Connect. In December of 1975 DC granted stipends for life and recognition in all broadcast and print.

    In the last 15 years Jerry has also created an original Manga series entitles Astra which was then translated to English and also released in TPB.

    Jerry is also the co-creator of Alfred Pennyworth, alongside Bob Kane. He also created Tony Zucco, Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

    Robinson did, both, the inking and lettering on the cover of Batman issue #1.

    A friend and colleague to Jerry Robinson: Bill Finger passed away before he got any of the respect or credit he deserved for his long and influential career in comics (co-creating Batman, Green Lantern and Robin just to name a few (the list is long!)). It was years later but Jerry Robinson started the Bill Finger award which is given out for lifetime achievement to comic book writers who have been insufficiently honored for their work.

    Jerry Robinson was hired on May 26, 2007 by DC comics as the "creative consultant" although it did not describe his duties. It was discovered that he worked on the blockbuster movie "The Dark Knight." The Joker was to be portrayed as he was in his first 2 appearances in the comics, which Jerry had a hand in. He was also recently on the set in Pennsylvania for the filming of "The Dark Knight Rises".

    Aside from his wonderful career, Jerry also boasted the largest, and most impressive golden age collection of rare comics and original artwork. When he got started in comics people were throwing out the original artwork once it was used in print, it was thought of as useless. Jerry saw worth in these so he began collecting what would otherwise have been thrown away. He would also gather up the copies of unsold issues that would have otherwise been tossed away!

    The original Joker concept sketch (the Joker card(which started it all)) has been on display in museums.

    And as for awards Mr. Robinson was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2004, and has also won several National Cartoonists Society awards in the Comic Book Division as well as the lifetime achievement award in 2000.

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