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    Jerry Iger (born Samuel Maxwell Iger), was a business partner with Will Eisner and one half of the Eisner & Iger company. Sometimes credited as S.M. Iger as a writer, artist, and editor.

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    Jerry Iger (August 22, 1903 - September 9, 1990) started in the industry in 1925 as a cartoonist for New York American, until the early 1930's, when he started working for Editors Press Service. At Editors Press Service he created characters such as Sheena and "The Flamingo". Soon, he founded his own business, Phoenix Features Syndicate, and became one of the first people in the comic book industry. He had several strips in "Famous Funnies" (such as "Happy Daze" and "Peewee") which are some of the first strips made especially for comic books, instead of the newspapers.

    In 1936, Iger became the editor of Wow! What A Magzine, and was responsible for publishing the first works of Bob Kane and Will Eisner. Then, a year later in 1937, he founded Eisner & Iger, with Will Eisner. The company would publish lots of different books, with Iger providing the scripts for many of them, under pen names like Jerry Maxwell and S.M. Regi.

    After Eisner left in 1939, Iger continued the business (now called Iger Shop). Iger Shop would go on to work for many different companies, like Quality, Harvey, and EC.

    Iger left the comics business in 1955 and became an advertising artist, teacher, and editorial director.


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