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Jerry Fortunov was the son of the legendary hero and soldier of fortune known as Dominic Fortune. He grew up hearing the stories of his father's exploits during Wolrd War 2.


Jerry Fortunov was crearted by J.M. DeMatteis and Kerry Gammill and first appeared in Marvel Team-Up issue 120 (1982).

Major Story Arcs

Competing with a Legend

When Jerry grew up he wanted a normal peacefull life, unlike his father. He sometimes fellt small in his father's presence and often thought he had led his father down for wanting a normal life. Jerry founded a family with a few kids. When Jerry learned that his father wanted to come out of retirement to be a hero once more, he tried to persuede him to end this foulish plan. This also got him into contact with Peter Parker, whom is secretly Spider-Man, an ally to his father. Jerry's persuasions did not help, which caused great tension between Jerry and his father

A new Fortune and Death

When Jerry's father was kidnapped by one of his old foes, Simon Steele, Jerry took up the mantle of Dominic Fortune and aided Iron Man into rescuing his father. It was then that Jerry was shot by Simon Steele and died in the arms of his father. Simon Steele managed to get away. Jerry's father Dominic Fortune went on a months-long manhunt to finally capture Simon Steele and make him pay for his crimes. With the help of Spider-Man, he managed to take him on. Steele died in the process. With the death of Steele, Dominic hoped his son would finally be able to rest in peace.


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