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    Jerry Bingham is an award winning comic book artist, he has worked for both of the "Big 2" in Marvel and DC Comics. His most well known and recognized artwork is in the Batman: Son of a Demon graphic novel, as well as Marvel Team-Up.

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    Born in Chicago Illinois on June 25, 1953, Jerry Bingham's first big opportunity to break into the world of professional comics was in World's Finest #251, released in July of 1978 and published by DC Comics. A fellow artist Dan Adkins was instrumental in Jerry getting this chance. Following that, Bingham's career in comics began to rapidly expand as he added more credits to his resume, after starting with DC Comics he went on to draw for First Comics, Heavy Metal, Malibu, Marvel, TSR, and many others.

    For a full list of Jerry Bingham's contributions see his issues page here.

    Sometime around the late 1990's and early 2000's Jerry Bingham decided to leave the comic world behind and direct his talents to production art in movies, from designing props used in movies, to make up used on monsters, or special effects present in movies. In addition, Bingham designed parks of Disney's theme parks, the Hollywood Christmas Parade, various shopping centers, and Universal Studios.

    Jerry Bingham's work also includes numerous covers, ranging from game covers, magazine covers, and paperback book covers.


    In 1984, for his work on Beowulf, Bing won the Jack Kirby Award for Best Graphic Novel. Three years later in 1987, Bingham again won an award for best graphic novel for his artwork on Batman: Son of the Demon. The last major award was some years later in the 1998-1999 Primetime Emmy Awards, when Bingham was an animation background designer for the HBO animated series Todd McFarlane's Spawn.


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