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    There have been many doctors in the history of mankind. Jeroen Thornedike was the first Doctor in to act openly at global scale as a member of the Authority.

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    Jeroen Thornedike was living the American dream, by the age of twelve he was multimedia millionaire and an internet billionaire by twenty. His life was perfect; unfortunately the stress of leading a company of that magnitude left him with a bedwetting problem for two years until he was admitted to a psychiatric home shortly after his twenty first birthday. After eighteen months in the psychiatric hospital he donated his considerable assets to charity and tried to live a normal life, believing that the stress would go away if he could just be a normal person. Buying a flat in the red light district of Amsterdam Jeroen tried to relax and be normal, the stress was still there though, some days it takes him up to twenty minutes to get up the courage to leave his flat and buy his cigarettes in the morning.

    All this changed when he was ‘gifted’ the powers of the ‘ultimate shaman’, when they first gave him his ‘powers’ he flatly refused, though the more vehemently he refused the more they were convinced that they had found the right person to shoulder the responsibility. Not accepting his powers, Jeroen spent the next few months playing sonic the hedgehog and shooting heroin. He’s possibly the most powerful post-human on the planet at this point in time, but flatly refuses to admit he even has post-human abilities.

    This changed when Jenny Sparks came to him and asked him to join her new team, The Authority. Even if he still was reluctant, Jeroen as, the Doctor was involving in fights against the invading forces of the madman Kaizen Gamorra, the attack from a british empire from a parallel earth called Sliding Albion, and the return of the rightful owner of earth, an alien being than was the most close thing to a concept of god than Jeroen could believe. This last clash cost the team the life of Sparks, who sacrified herself to stop the titanic being.

    The Doctor stayed in the team even after the death of Jenny Sparks and under the leadership of Jack Hawksmoor. He was pivotal to rescue the reborn spirit of Sparks, now called Jenny Quantum, but his drug addiction also was a problem when a renegade Doctor convinced earth to try to kill the humanity.

    Another mistake done by the Doctor was to found a religion called the Shamanists, after the Coup D'Etat made by the Authority against the goverment of the United States. After came to understand than that was a wrong way to use his influence, the Doctor destroyed all the shamanist temples and vanished from the public eye for a while, after the disbanding of the Authority.

    The Death of Jeroen

    Jeroen was killed by a drug overdose administered by Rose Tattoo, and planned by Henry Bendix. Upon his death The Doctor's powers were immediately transferred to the new Doctor, Habib Ben Hassan. However Bendix trapped the spirit of Jeroen who couldn't ascend to the Garden of Ancestral memory. Also, Bendix trapped Habib and used his powers to manpulate the destiny of earth for several years. It was not until a teenager Jenny Quantum discovered them prisioners and freed tham than both men could meet and Jeroen could join his predecessors in the Garden.

    World's End

    Jeroen was seen again during the World's End era, when Voodoo and a resurrected previous Doctor tried to restore the spirit of the earth in the form of Gaia Rothstein. Voodoo could make react to Jereon to direct all the doctors and search for a replacement of Habib, who has died.

    Powers and Abilities

    Alter Reality

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    Each Doctor has the combined knowledge and abilities of all the Doctors before him and the power to alter reality as long as he can imagine what he wants to do in "poetic terms". The Renegade Doctor described how his powers worked by saying that all he had to do was "draw a detailed picture in his mind" of what he wanted and it would happen. According to the previous Doctors that Jeroen has talked to, there seems to be no limit to what he could do. He could de-create the universe from the Big Bang to the end of time or stretch one moment to infinity if he wanted. There's a reason he generally doesn't use his powers on that kind of scale though. His powers come from the Earth and very powerful acts of magic can be harmful to

    the planet (for example, he brought the immortal Jenny Sparks back to life at the cost of one year of the planet's life), so while the Doctor can do anything, he rarely uses his powers to their full potential. His relationship with the Earth is more than just the planet supplying him with power. He can feel how it feels and has a deep connection with it that is spiritual, emotional, mental and possibly physical. When Jeroen first became Doctor he complained to the previous Doctors that he had a pain in his heart and one of them told him, "The world now turns where your heart used to sit. A certain amount of pain is to be expected." Anyone with the power of the Doctor receives 15 new senses which, among other, unnamed things, allows them to not only connect with the planet, but with its people as well. At least one of the senses has something to do with an altered perception of how time flows, allowing for its manipulation, the ability to travel through it in more than one direction, move outside of it, and function at speeds different than the world around the Doctor.

    Garden of Ancestral Memory

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    Doctors can also go to a place called the Garden of Ancestral Memory where they can talk to their predecessors.

    Alternate Versions

    Ouside of his predecesors and sucessors, there has been other several alternate versions of the Doctor, Jeroe, specifically:

    • The Meritocracy's Doctor: On a reality of inversed genders, here Jeroen was a woman.
    • The Intern: Member of the Authoriteens, a group from an alternate reality where there were no adults. The Doctor of this reality still was unused to his powers.
    • The Alienist: Member of the Higher Power, a corrupt version of the Authority.
    • The Lost Year Doctor: During the time when the Authority was lost from the main Wildstorm Universe, the team found alternate versions of themselves. In one of those realities, where the Authority had conquered the world and had alll the other superhumans in prision, Jeroen was still alive, but had fallen in a deep drug adiction.

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