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Jeri was developed as a production model from the original Xenomorph hive infiltration prototype originally designed by Dr. Stanislaw Mayakovsky. Being a later model, Jeri was upgraded with an advanced personality core and reasoning faculties, making him quite sociable and polite to people. He came to be used by Dr. Caspar Nordling, a biotechnologist for the Grant Corporation, in order to aid him in his study of Xenomorphs.

Powers & Abilities

Jeri possesses many of the same abilities as a typical Xenomorph Soldier, except for their acidic blood, as he instead has synthetic fluids like all other synthetics. He is equipped with artificial pheromone secreters, and he moves, acts, and can even sound like a Xenomorph - all for him to be able to blend into a hive. The only thing that could give him away would be his ability to talk. He has also been equipped with a camera in his head so that others can see what he sees inside a hive during infiltration.

Not only is Jeri an infiltration expert, he also possesses the skills to expertly operate a complex computer system, has a comprehensive knowledge of history (particularly Xenomorph-related), and he's been shown to be able to adeptly utilize a pulse rifle in combat situations.

Like most synthetics, Jeri is unable to harm humans or allow them to come to harm.


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