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    Character » Jeremy Feeple appears in 203 issues.

    Jeremy Feeple is an extremely ordinary kid who moves to the small town of Quagmire with his mother (Anna Feeple), and little brother (Ricky Feeple). For some strange reason, the hottest girls in town are constantly fighting over him.

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    Jeremy Feeple is an extremely ordinary kid. He was raised by his Rat exterminator father, (Bob Feeple) and housewife mother, (Anna Feeple) alongside his younger brother, (Ricky Feeple). When his father suddenly disappeared the remainder of the family moves to a small midwestern town called Quagmire. Jeremy finds out his mother is a ninja when a beautiful young member of her clan named Ichi-kun Ichinohei moves to town with the intention of marrying Jeremy, so she could be the next in line to take over. At the same time, a gorgeous alien princess named Asrial comes to Earth with the intention of marrying him as well.

    Jeremy was at the center of countless insane adventures. They usually involved him getting kidnapped, (by a girl) or attacked, (over a girl). Eventually he graduated, moved and started a family. The book then followed his younger brother Ricky, who was now the star.


    Jeremy Feeple was created by Ben Dunn.

    The Family Curse

    It is revealed that the source of all Jeremy's problems is actually a curse placed on the Feeple family.

    After a particularly trying Zardon invasion Mimi Masters finds out that Jeremy's life-soul is being drained by demons. Mimi and Lendo travel to hell to try and rescue Jeremy's soul. While there the two get separated. Mimi gets captured by demons and forced to relive childhood traumas. Lendo teams up with Aloysius. Now the two of them must travel across hell to try and rescue Jeremy and Mimi.

    Mimi responds to the demons torment by calling on the black magic powers of her family. She goes too dark and starts to become "drunk on the Darkside". It is also revealed that the curse was actually placed on Jeremy's family by one of Mimi's ancestors for being outed by them, (his ancestor) for using witchcraft. Jeremy, being pure of heart, forgives her for her families transgression and ends up bringing Mimi back to normal as well as lifting the curse.

    Dear Old Dad

    Bob Feeple
    Bob Feeple

    Another major point in Jeremy's story is his father. It was always a sore spot for Jeremy when his dad disappeared. It turns out that he did not abandon his family. In fact, he had been trapped in Dimension X, a place that was ironically inhabited by intelligent humanoid rodents, (he was a rat exterminator).

    He eventually saved them and became their leader. Unfortunately, their technology was not advanced enough and he could not leave without it killing all of them.

    Difficult Decisions

    The "Love Triangle" Between him Ichi and Asrial ran from the beginning of the story all the way through the first series. Both had necessity to marry him, and over the coarse of the story they both developed genuine feelings for him. It was assumed by most readers that he would eventually marry Ichi. There was even a character in some of the early issues from a future where the two of them were married. But in the end he chooses to wed Asrial. That reality negated, they now have three children.


    There are more versions of Jeremy Feeple in the Ninja High School Universe than any other character. There was a time displaced version. The notorious "evil" Nazi Jeremy. The version that was married to Ichi in the future. As well as the hundreds of clones that came from that accursed copier machine.


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