Jenny Fractal

    Character » Jenny Fractal appears in 5 issues.

    Jenny Fractal is Jenny Quantum's evil twin.

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    She was created by writer Robbie Morrison and artist Dwayne Turner .


    Jenny Fractal was the identical twin sister of fellow century baby Jenny Quantum. While The Authority did battle with Dr. Krigstein's man-made super soldiers in Singapore at the general hospital, representatives of the Chinese G-7 consortium extracted her from the remains of it after the teams excursion of Tibet.

    She was taken to a secret experimentation facility within the Henan province, There Fractal was indoctrinated into a secret weapons training facility where she'd been exposed to all the horrors of human kind through forced fed brainwashing & combat education.

    All of this was a vain attempt by the corrupt Asian government in order to create an all but unstoppable murder weapon with power enough to twist reality at her whim, loyal only to them whom they would unleash upon their enemies at will.

    Major Story Arcs

    After the Coup happened she escaped the facility, coercing the very political powers who sought to use her into her service under threat of grievous annihilation on her part if they did not comply. Arranging a meeting to consolidate her claim to motherhood, she appeared and introduced herself to the world as Jenny Quantum's mother.

    When she finally met Jenny she revealed her true identity and went on a rampage within The Carrier then attacked her. Telling her sibling about all the horrible horrendous things about mankind whom they were created to protect, only to rebuke such claims stating they only salvation they'ed earned was death for humanities atrocities.

    When Apollo tried to stop her she first preempted him while continuing her conversation about how she was raised as apposed to her double. As Ms. Quantum's father intervened again however, she nearly killed him, soon doing battle with Midnighter after he and Shen abducted and interrogated a government official and learned of her true identity.

    Later she would merge with the technologies of the hijacked carrier to amplify her reality altering effects, creating more and more rips in space/time in order to collapse other realities into her own as final vengeance against the world which let one of its amoral rulers do what it did to her. In the ensuing battle Fractal killed her sibling Quantum as the rest of The Authority escaped.

    She soon attacked the whole team and beat them around until Midnighter went back through time because of The Doctor. Going back four years he managed to undo her birth by killing Fractal in the crib, in that instant Jenny Quantum, who was in the Garden of Ancestral Memory, Leaped at the chance to transfer herself into Fractal's comatose body.

    Powers and Abilities

    She displayed to have the same powers as Jenny Quantum; Reality warping powers. But her abilities in their use were on another level because she had more training with them.


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