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Jenny was born into the Cesare mafia family and, once she was old enough was introduced to her husband Tim by her sister and other Mafia wife's. Tim seemed nice at first but after the marriage became extremely abusive both physically and mentally. He beaten her, raped her, and even allowed men he barely knew to come over and abuse her sexually.

Jenny's sister and her friends knew he was like this before hand, but kept her in the relationship and didn't help at all. Finally Tim was killed by the Punisher and on that same day Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She told her sister that she was going to the FBI because it was Tim's fault she got cancer and her fault that she married him. Annabella's criminal partner Shauna knocked out Jenny and had two men from her husbands gang kill her but they didn't succeed in the disposal, throwing her from a bridge on a train they intended to hitting her. After coming to she realized she could start a new life.


Issue #43
Issue #43

Jenny Cesare was created by Garth Ennis and Lan Medina for the Max Punisher series, first appearing in The Punisher #43 - Widowmaker: Part 1.



Jenny, with the Punisher's skull t-shirt, killing the wives
Jenny, with the Punisher's skull t-shirt, killing the wives

She underwent a double Mastectomy and learned weapon handling and cop skills over the years. She finally returned to New York to get revenge on her sister and friends, but found out they planed on killing the Punisher. Wanting to save the life of the man that saved her, she donned the Punisher's death head shirt and took out the wives, ending with beating her sister to death with a baseball bat. After that was done, Jenny had sex with Frank and committed suicide when they were done, still unable to feel anything from the sex, and leaving Frank forced to watch her shoot herself.

Training and Abilities

Jenny is a very good markswoman, capable of firing an entire magazine of bullets and hit every target despite recoil. Though she once having breast cancer, she has excellent physical conditioning. Like The Punisher himself, she has trained her mind to adapt to dangerous situations, coming out on top when she has been outnumbered and outgunned.

Her preferred weapons is a Glock 17 pistol, and a combat knife. She beats her mafia sister to death with a baseball bat. She wears Frank Castle's Death Head T-shirt whilst killing the mafia wives.

Other Media

Video Games

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She appears in The Punisher: No Mercy as a playable character.


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