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Jennifer is a child currently living in Gotham City. She is also a huge fan of the heroine, Batgirl.


Jennifer was created by the writer Paul Dini and the artist Stephane Roux.

Major Story Arcs

Jennifer was playing in a playground when a man had seen her Batgirl shirt and said he could take her to her. She went with the man, who instead of taking her to Batgirl, he took her to his trailer. Eventually, she was able to escape and ran into Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy when they tried breaking into the Gotham National Bank. After begging for their help and telling them what John had done, the Harley and Ivy decided to help her, and beat John Beckert up. Shortly after, Batman arrived on the scene and attempted to apprehend both Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, as well as the kidnapper. Poison Ivy then poisoned John and escaped with her accomplice, Harley Quinn. Jennifer has since been returned to her parents.


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