Jennifer Ransome

    Character » Jennifer Ransome appears in 153 issues.

    Girlfriend to Phillip Moreau and Genoshan ex-patriot

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    Jennifer Ransome is a Genoshan. She learned that she had latent mutant powers which did not manifest until her adulthood.


    Jenny Ransome was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Rick Leonardi.

    Major Story Arcs

    Known as a Mutant

    Jenny's father worked as a minister in the Genoshan government and discovers that his daughter has the potential to be a mutant. Unable to accept his daughter turning into a mutate, he switches the results with that of a "healthy" girl. The girl is arrested. Jenny, unaware of her "condition," agrees to go to Australia to be a nurse since mutant healers abound in Genosha. (The girl dies in the mutate process.) The Press Gang finds her in the company of Madelyne Pryor and transmits them to Genosha.

    When a genetic test ultimately proves her potential, the Genegineer (David Moreau) is determined to turn her into a mutate, despite his son being engaged to her. After receiving the bonding process and becoming Mutate 4817, she flees the island along with her lover, Phillip Moreau, the Genegineer's son.

    Magistrates later locate the two in the United States. Jennifer is abducted by the Genoshans along with an old friend who also has latent mutant powers, Madelyne Pryor. The X-Men follow them to the island and a complex relationship between the group and the islanders starts. After she and Phillip returns to the island of Genosha, they help form a group of humans and mutates in order to take control of the government and establish a nation based on unity.

    Powers and Abilities

    Originally, Jenny has the latent power of empathy which would have made her a healer in Genosha. The Genegineer recognized an abundance of healers and alters Jenny's powers, allowing her to able to increase her own height and mass, increasing her strength in the process. She has demonstrated endurance in extreme temperatures.


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