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In examining the evidence of a shootout that resulted in the death of infamous assassin, the Black Spider (Johnny LaMonica), Detective Renee Montoya realized a bullet was missing. Eventually the missing bullet was found to have been taken from the crime scene by officer Jim Corrigan, who sold it in an internet auction where it was purchased by Mrs. Gordon-Hewitt. Detective Montoya, along with Inspector Manuel Esperanza, went to see Mrs. Gordon-Hewitt about the bullet as soon as they could in order to retrieve it for their investigation.

At first, Mrs. Gordon-Hewitt assumed the officers were at her home to question her about a set of scalpels she had recently purchased from the internet. She claimed the seller had said they were unused but when she opened the package she found the scalpels caked in dry blood. She confessed that these scalpels were supposedly once the property of Victor Zsasz. In questioning Mrs. Gordon-Hewitt of the sale of the bullet, they discovered that she was a long-time collector of crime memorabilia - her passion - and that she was unwilling to part with the bullet. She claimed she had purchased it fairly and legally and that the officers would need a warrant in order to reclaim the evidence. Instead, Detective Montoya offered a trade. In exchange for the bullet from the crime scene, Detective Montoya agreed to give Mrs. Gordon-Hewitt the very last bullet the Black Spider had ever fired, the very same bullet which had struck her in the chest and landed her in the hospital and which she had been carrying on her person ever since. Mrs. Gordon-Hewitt accepted the trade and returned the evidence to the G.C.P.D..

Mrs. Gordon-Hewitt's Collection

When Detective Montoya and Inspector Esperanza questioned her, Mrs. Gordon-Hewitt explained her collection to the officers. She told them the story of how her husband, Bartholomew, had been the one to begin the collection after witnessing a brawl between Batman and Killer Croc. During the fight, Batman knocked out several of Killer Croc's teeth, and one of the teeth landed in Bartholomew's lap. This event began a life-long obsession for the couple.

In Mrs. Gordon-Hewitt's house the following collectibles can be seen:

  • ventriloquist puppet (likely owned by Scarface)
  • tommy gun (likely owned by Scarface)
  • a feminine eye mask (likely owned by Catwoman)
  • large cat statue (likely owned by Catwoman)
  • whip (likely owned by Catwoman)
  • large top hat (likely owned by the Mad Hatter)
  • a gold tea set (likely owned by the Mad Hatter)
  • umbrella (likely owned by Penguin)
  • crossbow (likely owned by either Huntress, Poison Ivy, or Deadshot)
  • a bunch of roses (likely owned by Poison Ivy)
  • green bowler hat with question mark (likely owned by the Riddler)
  • a half red, half black, suit jacket (likely owned by Two-Face)
  • a playbill (likely owned by Clayface)
  • a snow-globe (likely owned by Mr. Freeze)
  • a batarang (likely owned by Batman)
  • many, many guns
  • many, many books and other documents

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