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Jennifer is an otherwise normal girl dragged into demonic behaviour after a teenage prank goes wrong. She epitomizes the concept of the high school girl that “every guys wants to be with and that every girl wants to be.

She is based off the character from the movie Jennifer’s Body.


The movie character was written by Diablo Cody and her likeness in comic is therefore based off of Megan Fox. Her only appearance was in the graphic novel version of the movie.

Character Evolution

Although she plays the usual character type which is personified in many high school stories, she does show some more depth through the story as more than a pretty face.

She shows some curiosity into her own sexuality by passionately kissing Needy at one point.

Major Story Arcs

Her sole appearance was in the novelization of the move Jennifer’s Body and thus her story there is almost identical to the of the movie. She is described as a sweet girl that likes to party hard. Her best friend is Anita “Needy” Lesnicki. Despite her prudish nature she is talked into going to a bar with Jennifer. Once there they meet a band named Low Shoulder. A fire breaks out seemingly by accident and Jennifer is abducted by the band leaving Needy wondering where she has gone. They subsequently sacrifice her to the devil as they needed a virgin for the rite. Due to the fact that she is not a virgin (in any sense) she becomes possessed by a demon. She goes to Needy’s house to kill her but then finds that she cannot go through with it. She starts to kill people in rapid succession including Needy’s boyfriend, Chip Daniels. After figuring out what is happening Needy kills Jennifer but is bitten by her in the process and has the demonic powers transferred to her. She goes back to seek vengeance against the band members and kills them all.

Powers and Abilities

Jennifer is an otherwise normal person until possessed by the demon when she gains typical supernatural powers – heightened strength, durability and enhanced speed.


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