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    Suburban house-wife by day and a female vigilante by night.

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    Jessica Blute is the daughter of Sam and Jennifer Blute. The Blutes are a brutal family. The patriarch of the family, Hugo Blute, had betrayed Jews to the Germans during WWII. Sam is the leader of a criminal gang, which consist of his 5 brothers: Jimmy, Michael, Nicholas, Pete and Steve. After Sam met Jennifer and started a family with her, his brothers regarded him as soft and weak. They murdered him in cold blood. At the funeral, Pete vowed to take care of his sister-in-law Jennifer. The teenage Jessica was sent away to boarding school. Pete talked in his sleep, revealing the truth about Sam's murder to a sleepless Jennifer. She wrote all she knew in her letters to Jessica. A year later, Jennifer committed suicide.

    Jennifer had urged Jessica to disappear because the Blutes have a habit of removing all loose ends. Fearing for her life, Jessica faked her death by jumping off a yacht during Spring Break. A good swimmer, she was able to reach land unseen and began a new life as Jenny Bell. She trained herself in all kinds of fighting styles, weaponry, industrial espionage, forgery, and many more things, all with revenge on her mind. Revenge against her uncles, for murdering her father and driving her mother to suicide.

    During an accountancy class, Jenny met Andrew Fellows, her teacher. He was the opposite of every man she had met before, and she fell in love with him. Together they had two children: Mark and Alice. Jenny almost wanted to give up on her plans for revenge, but when the Blutes evaded their third prosecution, she created her alter ego Jennifer Blood.


    Jennifer Blood is created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Adriano Batista.

    Major Story Arcs

    Killing her uncles

    A normal housewife by day, Jessica Blute disguises herself at night as Jennifer Blood. Armed and fully planned, she goes after her uncles one by one. She kills her uncle Michael during a shady car deal at the harbor at night. She writes "Jennifer Blood" on the containers to give her uncles a warning sign.

    Her uncle Steve is cuffed by Jennifer to his wife, ex-porn star Renee Fox, on the bow of his yacht. She then blows a hole in the yacht, letting it sink. Unable to escape, Steve and his wife drown.

    The remaing brothers know they were targets too and order their lawyer Marcus Goldhagen to stop "this Jennifer Blood". Trying to make a run for it and escape to Canada, Nick Blute's car is pushed off the road by Jessica. Hanging helplessly upside down from a tree, she cuts open his belly, pulls out his entrails and spells JB with it.

    Marcus hires the Ninjettes to kill Jennifer. However, the teenage assassins are no match for the ruthless Jennifer and they are quickly killed. Confronting Marcus, Jennifer kills him for his connection to her uncles.

    Holding an illegal dog fight, Jimmy Blute is horribly mutilated by Jennifer wielding an axe. She does this as a revenge for the way Jimmy had disfigured her father when the Blute brothers killed him.

    Saving her uncle Pete for last, Jennifer infiltrates his mansion, kills all his guards, shoots Pete and paralyzes his body, rendering him unable to move or speak. She tells him her life story, but is interrupted by her sex-crazed neighbour Jack Thomas. He had followed her, hoping there would be a S&M party in the mansion. Holding him at gunshot, she lets him see the bodies of the gaurds. The gun and the bodies scare him soo much that a mild suggestion of Jennifer to go home is hastily followed by him. Jennifer returns to Pete, continues telling her story and after several hours, he dies.

    Things falling apart

    After the succesfull killings of her uncles, Jennifer struggles to keep things from falling apart. Jack Thomas' wife has left him, which gives Jennifer full control over him. She cuts off Jack's finger to remind him to keep his mouth shut about Jennifer Blood's activities. But the stress of the past days leaves her so exhausted that she makes the crucial mistake of leaving open the door to her armory in the cellar. The armory is discovered by her son Mark. He takes out a machine-gun and attacks the postman with it. Jennifer acts like a scared mom, but when she's alone with Mark, tells him to lie about where he found the gun. The media attention of a child finding a machine gun in the front yard of his house, captures Jennifer on camera. The news is seen by Katashi Oshiro, the father of Skyler Oshiro, one the Ninjettes. He immediately calls Mason Buwick, father of Chelsea Buwick, another member of the Ninjettes and regional director of a private military company. He advises Oshiro to do a discrete reconnaissance. But Oshiro's man is discovered and killed by Jennifer with the help of her neighbour Jack Thomas.

    Jennifer tracks down Oshiro's adress and pays him a visit. Oshiro confesses he wanted Jennifer Blood dead, because she had killed his daughter and that he has used the resources and knowledge of another father, Mason Buwick. Jennifer shoots him and goes after Buwick next. In Buwick's house, Jennifer discovers that Buwick's ex-wife Cilla Vale, and her new lover Nate Lazarr, has secretly trained their infant toddlers to become the successors of the Ninjettes, the Ninjettes Two. Jennifer throws a grenade dud, scaring off Lazarr and Vale, leaving the toddlers behind. In a stand-off, Jennifer shoots Buwick in the head. She tracks down Lazarr, shoots him through the wall and shoots Vale in the head. Back at home, she decides to give up beings Jennifer Blood. Like her family, she doesn't like loose ends and blows up Jack Thomas' house with Jack Thomas in it. The explosion kills investigating detective Michael Fulsom and wounds detective Elaine Pruitt.

    Powers and abilities

    Jennifer has trained herself in the use of most modern weapons. Her own arsenal includes an Uzi, a Beretta 92, and a Desert Eagle.


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