Jennie Royce

    Character » Jennie Royce appears in 49 issues.

    An employee of the Heroes for Hire team when Luke Cage and Iron Fist just started their business.

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    Brief History

    Jennifer Royce was part of the staff in Heroes for Hire, Inc and was the office manager for Luke Cage and Danny Rand. She was mainly working as an administrative force, usually busy with tons of paperwork, but she also had a good relation with Luke and Danny. Jennifer lost contact with Danny and Luke soon after Danny seemingly died and the Heroes for Hire business stopped. She had not been heard from in a long time.

    Years later, Jennie would contact Danny Rand years later from Rikers Island because she was convicted of murder and needed help. Jennie tells Danny that she worked for Eugene Mason aka Crime-Buster when Heroes for Hire closed shop because she needed the money to pay bills and support herself. Jennie would get involved with Mason but he physically abused her during their relationship. Mason made a lot of enemies and was found murdered in his bedroom with his own gun and it had Jennie's fingerprints on the weapon. She tells Danny that her fingerprints were on his gun because she was Mason's executive assistant and handled his weapons on a daily basis. Danny and the new Power Man, Victor Alvarez agree to look into her case and help out an old friend.

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