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    After being rescued from the "Vampire Dimension" by Atomic Robo, Jenkins became a part of Tesladyne and their team of Action Scientists. His combat skills are legendary.

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    Sometime in the 1990's, the U.S. Army sent a team of soldiers into the "Vampire Dimension" on an exploratory mission. The expedition proved disastrous and Atomic Robo and his group, Tesladyne were called in to rescue what was left of the team. This is how Robo met Jenkins, who ended up being the sole survivor of the expedition. Afterwards, Jenkins went to work for Tesladyne as part of the Action Scientists, becoming something akin to Robo's sidekick.


    Jenkins was created by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener

    Powers and Abilities

    Jenkins is a man with combat knowledge of legendary proportions. He once, to the horror of the employees he was protecting, managed to clear a room full of vampires using nothing but his bare hands.
    It's been said he can think of six (or seven) ways to kill a man in any given situation.

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