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"There is but one land as dark and comforting as a mother's womb. It is a place called Death-- and all too often, it is the destination of the world-weary."

-- from the teachings of Rahani

Jogarr and the Red Saturnian President are going around clearing debris in order to find survivors. They discover that Brigadier General Borah was killed in the battle.

At the execution site, Jemm still hangs over the pit while Luther calls out to him to no avail. The fumes from the pit are keeping Jemm in a docile state. The vapors only affect Saturnians, however, so to Luther they are just a foul-smelling odor.

Back in Harlem, Bouncer climbs out of the river after evading Claudius Tull's assassination attempt against him. He is found by Crazy Freddie and his gang, who are accompanied by Lincoln Mannkin, Luther's older brother. They try to convince Bouncer to lead them to Tull's base so they can kill him, but Bouncer refuses to help them, saying that "Bouncer just wants to go home!" When Bouncer returns home, however, he finds one of Tull's air-scooter men escaping out of a window. Bouncer incapacitates this assassin and another, but not before being wounded in the shoulder by a gunshot. After defeating the air-scooter men, Bouncer goes into his ma's bedroom to find her dead body lying on her bed.

Back on New Bhok, Luther manages to stall the executioner long enough for Jemm to muster the strength to fire off a blast from his gem into the pit, causing an explosion that spreads the fumes all around. All are left in a sedated state except for Luther, because the fumes only affect Saturnians. Jemm stumbles away with Luther, then quickly goes back and grabs the unconscious Bishop Rahani.

In space, Commander Synn sees the ship's physician, who tells her that he cannot diagnose the nausea attacks she has been experiencing. After Synn leaves to deal with the approaching Red Saturnian fleet, the physician reveals to Synn's concubine Farr that he really does know the cause of Synn's nausea, but if he tells her he fears that she will decide to have Farr killed.

Back in Harlem, Bouncer finds Crazy Freddie and Lincoln sitting by a fire. He joins them and tells them that now he knows that "the hurting will never stop until he meets Mr. Tull one last time."

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