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    Character » Jellybean Jones appears in 56 issues.

    Jellybean is Jughead Jones' little sister. She is smart and very, very cute.

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     Jellybean Jones, whose real name is Forsythia P. Jones, is Jughead's little sister. She appeared in her own comic series at one point, titled "Jughead's Baby Tales". Now she occasionally stars in Archie comics.

     Jellybean got her nickname due to the circumstances of her birth. Jughead's mom was in labour while Jughead was at work at a local pizza store. She called Jughead to get her to the hospital. Jug, along with his best friend Archie Andrews, "borrowed" one of the pizza delivery vans and picked up Mrs. Jones at her house. But on the way to the hospital, there was a major traffic jam. The gang soon found out that it was caused by a huge jellybean truck that was overturned, spilling boxes and boxes of jellybeans onto the roads. Mrs. Jones couldn't wait any longer. Desperate, Jughead asked the crowd in the gridlock if there were any doctors present. Miraculously, the Jones' family doctor was there. Jellybean Jones was born right in the back of the van, earning her her nickname. Plus, jellybeans were Jughead's favorite snack.


     Jellybean is earnest and very smart, although she's just a baby. She loves attention, and having people fuss over her, as proven in many stories. In some issues, she's seen "communicating" with other babies or with her parents (although they don't hear it) in thought bubbles. She has a blue pacifier that she loves, and a teddy bear. She also has a toy train called "Trevor the Too-Too Train". In one issue, she's seen with toys that had faces that resembled her big brother's nemesis, Reggie Mantle. (In fact, Jellybean's first word was "Reggie", much to the surprise of everyone.) This was partly to annoy Reggie on Jughead's behalf. However, due to Reggie's complaints that the toys were making fun of him, Jughead threw them away, much to Jellybean's displeasure.


     Jellybean is a fun-loving young girl and will play with almost anyone that she takes a liking to. Her idol is, of course, Jughead, although sometimes she'll manipulate him into dressing up in a bonnet for a pretend tea party, or force him to watch videos with her. She likes the crown-shaped beanie that Jughead wears. One story was centered around Jughead making a miniature beanie just for her. She also loves the family dog, Hot Dog. Her favorite babysitter is Betty Cooper, a sweet blonde girl who's very kind and friendly. However, like her big brother, Jellybean knows when not to trust someone. Her least favorite person is Veronica Lodge, Betty's sometimes best friend. Veronica is a spoiled rich girl who has a sour opinion of Jughead, and most likely Jellybean as well. In one story, Veronica used Jellybean as an excuse to flirt with a good-looking guy nanny. Luckily, he saw right through her.

     It is also said that Jellybean's real name, Forsythia, has magical powers. Whenever Reggie utters it, something bad always happens to him. Once his car got towed away. Another time, he tripped over his own feet.This curse does not seem to affect the rest of the Archie characters.


    Hair: Light brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: not very tall, obviously!
    Weight: 30 pounds


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