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    A member of the Ginyu Force who typically teams up with Burter during battles.

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    Jheese (Jeice in the dub) is an extremely flamboyant and showy, often portrayed as the rookie of the Ginyu Force, white-haired alien who appears human apart from his red skin. His precise strength is difficult to determine, although he is clearly at least as powerful as Butta, who he often partners up with for combination attacks. Due to his red skin, Jheese boasts the nickname Red Magma.

    Like Butta, he lost the initial Janken contest with Reacoom and didn't get to fight either Gohan and Kuririn or Vegeta, although after Gurd's death, he and Butta play to see who will get to take on the two Earthlings and finish what Gurd started. After Reacoom defeats Vegeta, Jheese and Butta allow him to have fun with Gohan and Kuririn as well, as by this point they are clearly bored and want to leave. After Goku arrives and defeats Reacoom with one blow and revives Gohan, Kuririn and Vegeta using senzu beans, Jheese is not impressed with Goku's 5,000 power reading according to their scouters, and convinces himself that Goku just got lucky combined with Reacoom letting his guard down. He and Butta jump in to kill Goku, but the Saiyan proves more powerful than they had anticipated.

    For all his boasting, Jheese is actually quite cowardly when faced with a strong threat such as Goku. Left alone when Goku defeats Butta as well, he leaves his friends behind and flees back to Freeza's ship and informs Captain Ginyu of the team's decimation. It is implied that Ginyu is angry at Jheese for running away, and he treats him harshly from this point onward. All throughout Ginyu's battle with Goku, Jheese remains on the sidelines as a spectator, apart from one instance when, unbidden, he steps in and tries to help the Captain. This results in Ginyu almost killing him and warning him never to interfere again. For the rest of his screentime, Jheese just sort of tags along with Ginyu (by this point in Goku's body), and ultimately runs in to Vegeta who toys with him before brutally destroying him.

    In an extra bit of storyline exclusive to the anime, he and the rest of the deceased Ginyu Force (minus Captain Ginyu himself) travel to North Kaiō's planet and square off against the Z-Fighters who were training there. Jheese teams up with Butta again, though both are blasted into hell by Tenshinhan.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a member of the Ginyu Force, Jeice is one of the most powerful members in the Planet Trade Organization. He is surpassed only by Freeza, Captain Ginyu, Cooler, and King Cold, and is on the same level as the rest of the Ginyu Force, Coolers Armored Squadron, and Cabo and Aka. Jeice is the most rounded member of the Ginyu Force.


    Continuous Crasher Cannon - A large continuous blaster version of the Crasher Cannon.

    Crasher Cannon - Jeice's crimson colored energy blast.

    Crusher Ball - Jeice's signature attack, Jeice forms a large red sphere over one palm and launches it volleyball style.

    Explosive Wave - Jeice can relase a body wide repusive wave from hsi body.

    Flight - Jeice can fly under his own power.

    Red Comet Attack - A team rush attack used with Burter.

    Red Magma - Jeice's part of the combination attack with Burter to form the Purple Comet Attack.


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