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    Writer and Artist for independent comics.

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    Jeffrey Brown is one of the most celebrated of the younger American Cartoonist.  He has an honesty to his stories and a humbleness to his art.
    He has done small anthology work in the mainstream, such as Marvel's Strange Tales and Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror.  He is mostly know for his Bighead series and his autobiographical stories.

    Appearances in Comics:

    Jeffrey Brown is featured as a character in many of his own autobiographical graphic novels.
    • Clumsy (2002)
    • Unlikely (2003)
    • AEIOU or Any Easy Intimacy (2005)
    • Every Girl Is The End Of The World For Me (2006)
    • I Am Going To Be Small (2006)
    • Cat Getting Out of a Bag (2007)
    • Little Things (2008)
    • Funny Misshapen Body (2009)
    • Undeleted Scenes (2010)
     Notice the Violence
     Notice the Violence

     Notice the Name
     Notice the Name
    Outside of his own comics Jeffrey Brown and Jeff Lemire are friends and both hockey fans.  In Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth, Jeffrey is "canonized" as a tribute during the In Captivity arc.  Jepperd's back story was he was also I hockey player and as an Honor or homage, Jepperd beats up Indie Cartoonist Jeffrey Brown.
    The link to the Vertigo Blog article can be found ( HERE) at the Vertigo Blog address.

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