Jeffery Hollister

    Character » Jeffery Hollister appears in 17 issues.

    Former sidekick of the costumed hero Scowl. He took the mantle after the death of his mentor and became the ward of Britt Reid Jr. - The Green Hornet

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    Jeffrey met Wes and the two quickly became fast friends. Wes got Jeffery out of the foster care system. Then Wes started to train Jeffrey to be Moonbeam, the side kick to Wes' alter ego Scowl, defender of Justice. Jeffery is the duo's tactician, and armed with his Moonblaster, Jeffrey is a force to be reckoned with. The two have been partners for about two years, before their first run in with the Green Hornet.

    Major Story Arcs

    Red Hand

    When Scowl got contacted by a little girl who claimed that The Green Hornet killed her parents, the two sprung into action and left for Century City. On the way they stopped an armed robbery, (they cause more damage to the store then the $40 the crooks would have gotten away with). Once in Century City, they made their H.Q. in a hotel room in the heart of the city. This is where the got a tip on where the Green Hornet would be, and they were able to set up an ambush. When the Green Hornet came by, Moonbeam used his Moonbaster to blow up the Green Hornet's motorcycle. The Green Hornet tried to run away but Moonbeam chased him into a carnival, and mistakenly shot a bystander, this gave the Hornet a chance to escape.

    When Moonbeam found him he was already in police custody, but the officer gave Moonbeam credit for the capture and Moonbeam didn't correct him. Once Scowl showed up and gave Moonbeam a pat on the back the duo headed back to the home city, believing they had done a job well done.


    Jeffery convinces Wes to go back to Century City, because something about their last visit doesn't seem to add up. While Jeffery is at the library doing research Wes goes out on patrol alone and gets himself killed. Jeffery joins the Green Hornet to take down Wes's killers, the Machine Gun Bandits, a gang of robbers who wear clown masks and use the sewers to escape. After enacting revenge Jeffery sneaks away before the Century City Police can send him back to the foster care system.

    Death of Scowl

    When patrolling the city, Scowl went in alone on a group of armed thugs. He was killed in action before Jeffery could arrive to help. After this, Jeffery disappeared for some time, emerging to assist the Green Hornet against Mister Jenson. After this, Britt took in Jeffery as his ward. He was enrolled at Rockhill Preparatory High School and became part of the Hornet's crime fighting team.

    In memory and honor of Scowl, Jeffery dropped his Moonbeam persona and took the mantle, changing his costume and most of his weaponry.

    Green Hornet 2.0

    After an attack on the Hornet's Nest by arms dealer Sergi Gravilov, the Green Hornet and Kato were believed to be dead. Jeffery donned a new technologically advanced suit that Clutch had been working on, dubbing himself Green Hornet 2.0. He took on Sergi and in the process, Sergi's wife Victoria was killed. As Sergei mourned, Jeffery vengefully executed him, not knowing Britt had indeed survived.

    As the new Green Hornet, Jeffery continued to kill criminals and villains, believing this to be the only way to truly stop their madness. This attracted a group of villains who claimed the new Hornet "wasn't playing by the rules." They planned to unleash a dirty bomb on the city unless the Hornet killed himself. At this time, Britt returned and helped save the day.

    When Jeffery started to kill the villains, Britt had Clutch override the suit to take Jeffery down. Jeffery tried to reactivate the suit and in the process fell into the chemicals of the dirty bomb and died.

    Weapons & Abilities

    As Moonbeam, Jeffery was proficient with the Moonblaster, his trusty shotgun.

    As Scowl, new shotguns have been equipped with non-lethal bean bag anti-riot shells as well dragon-fire and door busting shells. His gloves are equipped with tasers, and have barbs to ensure the electricity reaches it's target.

    The Green Hornet 2.0 armor contains sophisticated technology. The database within the suit, known as the Hive, can scan locations, cross-reference databases and perform many other tasks a super computer would be used for. The suit has an advanced power source, is capable of flight and has powerful laser weapons.


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