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    Jeff, sometimes Little Jeff, no last name known or at least never admitted to, to quote Jeff “My name? Jeff, just Jeff, first and last and always it’s Jeff.” was a sometimes resident of a local (San Francisco) insane asylum and race track tout who stood just a little over 4 and a half feet tall and always wore a top hat, cut-away coat and bow-tie, and who would eventually hook onto tall lanky dim-witted gambling addict Augustus Mutt as his main source of money, support and eventually friendship.

    A devoted divisor of get-rich-quick schemes Jeff would make a run for the White House in 1908 the first out-right fictional person to do so.

    However while apparently mildly insane he was not without intelligence as at times some of this ideas worked, such as a fertilizer that could cause normal trees to grow to thousands of feet in height in just a few hours, but as usual neither he nor his partner Mutt had what it took to make use of this, and it would only end with Mutt suspended in a hammock four or five stories above the ground.

    Jeff’s only known relative was his identical twin brother Julius.


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