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    Speedster from the New Universe. He is the only survivor of his universe. Stranded on Earth-616, he decided to join the Squadron Supreme.

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    Blur is a speedster from Earth-148611, The New Universe. He is the only known survivor of that reality following the destruction of the New Universe during the Incursions.

    He was manager of a Burger King in Wisconsin until one day he started getting the shakes. His whole body quivering like a hummingbird's butt. Days went by and the shakes kept getting worse. Docs loaded him up on tranquilizers. It didn't do nothing. Finally, He figured the only way to chill out a bit was to wear myself out. So he began running. No lie, he was passing cars on the highway like they was in reverse.


    Blur was created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Ryan and first appeared in D.P.7 issue 1 (1986) as part of the New Universe imprint of Marvel. More recently, he was brought over the main Marvel universe and joined the Squadron Supreme.

    Major Story Arcs

    Squadron Supreme

    After the events of Secret Wars, Blur found himself stranded on Earth-616.

    Powers and Abilities

    Powers: Walters moves at superhuman speeds. His metabolism is between 3 and 10 times faster then average. His practical reaction time is at least five times faster than average. His maximum running speed has been measured to be approximately 300 m.p.h for ten minute bursts. He can maintain a minimum speed of 150 m.p.h for four hours before fatigue and hunger impair his performance. His body derives energy from food more efficiently than average. His muscle tissue is stronger and more resilient than human

    Peculiarities: Walter cannot remain still. His body is constantly shivering from the nervous energy in his system. He sweats profusely and thus his body frequently smells rank. He can tolerate cold weather better than hot: his shivering keeps him warm in cool air. He needs to intake approximately five to ten the calories of a normal adult male of his age, height and build. Significantly fewer calories will impair his heath, causing malnutrition and eventually render him comatose. Moving at high speeds often affects how well he can hear due to the noise of the air moving past his ears. He frequently speaks too quickly to be intelligible and has to consciously drawl in order to be understood. Walter needs to wear protective eye gear when he exceeds 125 m.p.h in order to see well.

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 175lbs.

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black


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