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Jeff Hage was created by Bryan Q. Miller for the TV series "Smallville" and was played by the actor Evan C. Schulte. He first appeared in the eighth season of the series and was a recurring character until the series finale. Jeff appeared in seven episodes during season eight, season nine and season ten.

Storyline (TV Series)

Evan C. Schulte as Jeff Hage
Evan C. Schulte as Jeff Hage

Jeff Hage, a polite and innocent young man, started working as an intern at the Daily Planet. He became Lois Lane's sort of assistant because he brought Lois her coffee, her dry cleaning and helped her with her wedding two years later. Later, Jeff was kissed by Lois just to get Superman jealous because she knew about the kiss he shared with Zatanna.

He also attended Clarks and Lois' wedding and was escorting Martha Kent to her seat.

Clark Kents Vision

In a dream sequence of Clark, in 2013 Jeff was still assisting Lois and stills works for the Daily Planet.


In the year of 2017, Jeff still works for the Daily Planet. But now he is working as a full time reporter and got on the old desk of Clark Kent in the basement of the Planet.

Smallville (Season 11)

It is revealed that Jeff isn't an intern anymore and he has become a fan of Superman. But he also tries to figure out Clark's secret- even if it's just a suspicion because of Clarks steely-blue, dreamboat puppy eyes.


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