Jediah Caul

    Character » Jediah Caul appears in 13 issues.

    A renegade Green Lantern and one of the Game's participants.

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    Jediah Caul was created by Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins.

    Current Events

    Jediah Caul is a deep cover operative that works in the Tenebrian Dominion. He is a Green Lantern who has been cut loose by the Guardians when they started their Third Army War. He introduces Star Sapphire, Brother Walker and Arkillo to the Star Rovers, who are to smuggle Star Sapphire into the Tenebrian Dominion where she must persaude Lady Styx to join against The Third Army. He helps Saint Walker and Arkillo get Carol Ferris to safety because she was caught and became part of the game called the Hunted. Later he is knocked unconscious by Arkillo and left on the same planet where he becomes part of the same game. After he was released within society he became the next target of the Hunted. The others easily recognized him and started attacking him, but when he was on the run he was saved by a girl named Ember. Later he left her and went on his own road. He meets Captain K'Rot who brought Blue Beetle to him and they start fighting. K'Rot leaves Jediah to find Jaime Reyes alone and begins to stop on him and this brings about The Scarab coming online. The Blue Beetle chases Caul until Caul loses the Beetle. He was found by Star Hawkins and Ilda who offered him help.They told him that they know where his power battery is. It was revealed to be in Bleeding Adonis' building. When he broke in he found out that K'Rot was also in there because he had a mission.They worked together and found Adonis who wasn't going to tell them anything until everything started falling down and they found out that they were trapped into something. Brainiac had captures their borough. Adonis helped Jediah find his power battery in return for him to save them.When Jediah broke out he was in the middle of Brainiac 's ship who offered him to spare his life if he just left and that was what Jediah did. He left both Bleeding Adonis and K'Rot into that city which was part of the collection of Brainiac. Caul escapes from the collected borough and places Ilda's memory card within Brainac's ship. Caul is allowed to leave the ship but, chooses to come back for Ilda. Brainiac breaks Caul's back when he comes back and Caul must use his ring to create an armor to strengthen his spine and he steals the collected borough to take back to Tolerance.


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