Jedda Walker

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    Jedda Walker is the daughter of the 27th Phantom. One day she will become the 28th, and has already proven she is a great candidate.

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     The Phantom
     The Phantom

    The 27th Phantom had a daughter. Her named just happened to be Jedda Walker. She is a crimefighter; following her father as a superhero. Also following her father's footsteps she became a member of the illustrious group, Defenders of the Earth. Her father was thought dead, for a brief time, and she took the mantel as the 28th Phantom. He returned though and she had to return the reigns to her father.


    Jedda is an expert marksman, making her extremely deadly with weapons. She also rides horses, having been taught in her childhood.  Jedda has also become a good fighter. She has been trained in many forms of combat. Over the years Jedda has become extremely agile and athletic.  
    Jedda has telekinetic powers too.  She also appears to be communicate telepathically with her black panther, Kisa.

    As the Phantom

    She, as the Phantom, carried weapons; a dagger, twin .45 pistols, and two  rings which  leave marks on those they come in contact with . She also has the "Good Mark" on the left hand,  four overlapping swords / letter P's forming a rotating cross, which marks her under the Phantom's protection. She also has the "Skull Mark" on the right hand. It is usually delivered as a punch to the face. It shows the person hit and his a sign of punishment for crossing the Phantom.



    First Appearance: Defenders of the Earth Episode #1 "Escape from Mongo" 

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