Jeb Turnbull

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    Son of Quentin Turnbull.

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    Jonah Hex

    Jeb Turnbull died at the Fort Charlotte Massacre during the Civil War. When Jeb died, his father, Quentin Turnbull blamed Jonah Hex and vowed revenge.

    Other media

    Jeb Turnbull appears in the 2010's film ''Jonah Hex''.

    Jeb's father, Quentin Turnball played by John Malkovich is the film's main villain. Motivated in the same way as in the comic books, Initially a wealthy Southern plantation owner, after his son is killed during the Civil War, he blames Hex, and swears revange. Quentin and his men killed Jonah's wife and son.

    Many years later, Jonah digs up and resurrects Jeb Turnbull. Jonah apologizes for killing Jeb, and says that his father has to be stopped before he murders more people. Jeb reveals that his father is at Fort Resurrection, and then returns to the afterlife.

    Jeb Turnbull was played by an uncredited Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Morgan is best know for his roles as the Comedian on Watchmen and Clay on The Losers.


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